i want go south africa but how. i dont have mony .if you want tek me .good bles you.please tek me


City: Johannesburg

Province: Gauteng

Country: South Africa


Why are you wanting to come and visit this beautiful country? Yet with the World Cup just round the corner, all the prices have increased. Would be cheaper to come once the tournament is over. Thank you for sharing an interest in South Africa!
I guess you want to come for the World Cup, but to find a sponsor, good luck with that one.. There are many things to see and do here, but like the previous person said, wait until after the world cup when all the prices have gone back to normal.
whereare you from?
Thank you for the compliment, South Africa is a beautiful Country, Johannesberg with its bustle, Cape Town with its Flair, and Durban with its awesome weather. I cannot think of a greater compliment, but like all places on Earth, the key is being able to be self sufficient, even if it is just for a visit. Good luck with the sponsor, but I really think that with South Africa as a worthy goal, you can achieve this with hard work and determination. Good Luck for the Future.

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