Who will budget?

Are you the one who will give me direction and provide for the budget or travelers themselves will do everything?


City: Nairoba

Area: Nairobi Area

Country: Kenya


Hi Patrick, I will provide you with a comprehencive budget depending on your desires and needs. Let me know what exactly you are looking for.
With warm regards
just give us more details about what you want us to budget for and we will provide u with a complete budget of what you need. for our tour company we will provide you with the direction and with a tour guide if you will require direction.for the budget, once you provide us with the funds we will budget it for you accordingly or how u desires.

with warm regards,

Thanks for the query.If you let me know what hotels you would like to stay at the coast and when or alternate give me your budget and number of days and I will give a price based on different hotels.Also when you mention coast please also let us know if you mean Zanzibar,Mombasa,lamu etc
Thanks,am here to do everything for you including Airport transfer.

Eyes on Nature Expeditions is big enough to fully cover all your tour requirements yet small enough to empathetically involve itself in your tour with quality personalized /customized services.

Other services provided by Eyes on Nature Expeditions include:-
• International and domestic airline ticketing;
• Tailor made FIT (Fully Inclusive Tour) International itineraries to suit your client’s needs;
• Long or short tour packages within Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Seychelles;
• Incentive tour programs which includes stays in prime properties and exotic locations;
• Airport/hotel/Airport transfers;
• City and local excursions;
• Shopping itineraries;
• Airport transfers;
• Conferencing and event management;
• Special interest groups such as Golfing, Honeymoon, Bird watching, Fishing safaris and others.

We aim to create that special relationship which converts our business partners and visitors into life long friends!

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The Eyes On Nature Expeditions plans tailor made custom safaris to Kenya. Once you have decided on your destination of choice and the type of safari you would like to do, then please complete the below enquiry form. One of our travel consultants will be contact you to discuss your African vacation plans.

Our Price Guarantee
We guarantee you a saving of 10%-15% below the rates that you will receive when going directly to the properties. We will also match the price if you find the same itinerary for less anywhere else on the web.
Not Sure where to start ?
The Eyes On Nature Expeditions offers many ready-made safaris and itineraries on offer, and if you don’t find what you are looking for, we’ll put it together for you. Contact us on email, complete this form.

Please use the below form to show us what you find of interest. This will enable us to carefully plan the best safari to suit both your interests and your budget. Complete the below form with as much detail as possible, so that we can better serve your special travel needs.
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We require the following:
1. Minimum personal information including your first & last name and your e-mail address. We respect your privacy and assure you that your information will be used to communicate with you regarding your holiday, by The Eyes On Nature Expeditions only.

2. Give us as much as travel information as possible about your holiday in Africa (travel dates, country/ies of interest, flights, car hire, insurance, interests, style of trip, type of ACCOMMODATION ).

3. We will also require a budget for your safari as that assists us in choosing the most appropriate ACCOMMODATION and tour options for your African safari.
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thanks Patrick.thts very good.all you need is to provide me with entire details of your vacation,what are you looking for,the budget that your group will find suitable,date of travel.then i will provide you a detailed report for your entire budget.i will provide you with a classy and comfortable welcome upon your arrival as well as your departure.please let me know what are the exact places that you would like to visit during your duration of stay.

i will be waiting for your response as soon as possible.

c/o ferrari tours
Hi patrick,

Thanks for your mail asking about the budget. Once you tell me where you need to visit, i will forward you the quotation and ill also do everything to ensure that you enjoy your stay in Kenya. Also provide the approximate value you would like ti spend.

we are at your disposal and ready to give you a tailor made itinerary or advise you on the most ideal itinerary of your group. we have beach safaris in lamu, malindi, mombasa ,diani and zanzibar. do not hesitate to contact me for any information.

yours sincerely


i will give you direction brother,but you have to cater for the expenses

I'm not the one, but as a general rule. If someone wants to do something they should pay for it themselves at a fair price!

I will budget and give you directions. The travelers main job description is to enjoy themselves.
Hie Patrick, Bigfoot Tours and Safaris will cater for every type of traveller. We also customize safaris according to your budget. All directions are given by our experienced guides so that you will feel very much at home.Thanks
yes we can give you the direction - but you have to give us enough information -most people want to get a rough idea of everything whereas they are really looking for the is the right answer.
I did not mean I myself becoming a visitor or a tourist.But what I wanted to know is that when a tourist comes and he or she is given to me for taking him or her across the country to whom shall I be responsible or report to.
we do the budgeting. for all your accommodation and luxury and whatever you want. we are readily available. this actually depends on your pocket. But there is one thing i can tell you, we offer the best
Hi Patrick
I will give you all the details in form of a package and its quotation. Depending on what you want to do or go .A package basically includes transport either self driving or with a guide driver ,accommodation and meals .Incase i have not answered your question ,do not hesitate .You can also email me

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