am an african,planning to visit Poland very soon and maybe travel within bordering countries ie Czech Republic,Lithuanian,Croatia,Estonia..C

Can u elaborate Racism against Black Skinned people.How do the locals perceive these kind of people....


City: Belgrade

Undetermined: undetermined

Country: Serbia


Hmmm I do not know abouth other country. but in serbia it is not hard for live if you are other color of skin...
Maybe the language is the most common trouble not a color of skin.
thats not true, im black ship in Serbia, but i dont have any problem with color. Serbians respect other cultures, but dont love lies, globalism and ppl who dont have any knowladge about tradition and history...
There are no firm rules about that. sadly, there are and there will always been a lot of crazy fools in any country that you may visit. The only thing that I could say, and it's from my personal experience, is that Croatia is little bit 'white orientated' but just little bit.
However, main rule for any Slavic country from Russia over Serbia till Croatia is: try to be nice and try to learn few local words, and try to drink and eat whatever they say that is speciality and soon you may finish with longlife friends :) All the best
I met more than few black people LIVING here in Serbia, studying or playing for the local football teams, and I can assure you they have no problems. As a tourist, you can get only better accomodation and great hospitality, maybe even better than those with the same skin color or nationality :)
one is for sure. In Serbia and Montenegro too there is no such thing. For example i have a lot of friends with black skin and i hosted them here. They didnt have any problems all too people received them with interest and good will. Also here there are many black people for studying, playing basketball, volleyball and football from America, Africa,... I can say that they are sympathetic for people here. One more thing ... people from Serbia are well known like people with great hospitality. After civil war in 90's people comes to Belgrade from all around the Balkans ( Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia ... the countries that Serbia was in war with them) and nobody had any problems !!!
So be welcome in country with beautiful and hospitality people :))))
I think that the most unpleasant thing that could happen to you in Serbia is that some people will stare at, because of the colour of your skin. For them it's interesting to see a black man, it's a bit unusual in my country.
If you have any questions or you think that I can do you a favour, let me know. Have a nice stay in Serbia!
Don`t worry about Serbia.Serbia is open country for everyone no matter of your color.Any time of year you come here you`ll find lot of fun and lot of friends.Many of African students studied in Belgrade many years without problems.
Generally, Black Skinned people don't have any problems traveling around East Europe, including Serbia. However, there is very low percent of extreme right oriented people (skinheads, national organizations) from the bottom of society and economical background. Chances to meet them walking around cities are next to zero. If you want to see some places off the tourist track (worker's suburbs, football games...), go with the local. If you need some information about specific destination or city, just ask!
Dear Miwlard,
If you are planning to travel to Croatia and Serbia you could be relaxed about this subject. There are not lots of black skinned people there, but the racism is not popular. There are always exceptions, but not bigger than anywhere else.
Have a nice trip!
dont worry be happy, theres no problem with locals...and women will adore you!
I am almost sure that you won't have any problem with this issue. I'll give you an example: there are only 3500 inhabitants in my bithtown. One of the most loved and respected person among them was my mother's colleague. He was a doctor from Sudan, who studied in Serbia and married my neighbour. If he didn't have any problem in such small community, I am sure that you won't have either. Don't worry, people in Serbia are generally very kind.
Well the answer is not that easy.. We have a saying here in Serbia, it s - "prema svetcu tropar" in a way it means, that you ll be treated upon how you act, if you are looking for trouble, you could find it in your town too or anywhere in the world,so I can t say that it s safe.. But if you are friendly, you will meet a lot of friendly people that are fun to be around- and if you agree to unlimited amounts of beer, people being late (at least) for 30 min.,and cursing in almost every centence..;) than you ll live to tell the taill..Anyway you'll have a grate time in the countries you mentioned in your e mail, and if you come to Belgrade, Ljubica and I will give you some tips- best restaurants, places to stay and stuff like that.
Good luck and Bon Voyage.
You don't have any reason to worry, because Serbian people are very polite,and it's not a problem if you want to come here. If you need some hostel or something like that just tell me, i will try to find it for you!!!
There is no rasism againsty black skinned people here in Serbia because people of that color didn't live here and when locals meet them they are amazed because they are different.But there is a different kind of rasizm here towards other minories like Gipsies.But it is not as hard as in the USA!
When it comes to Balkan and eastern Europe, you don't have to worry about racism. As for Serbia, you won't have any problems here concerning the color of your skin. Generally, Serbian people are not racists, the only thing that could be strange for you are the looks ( cause there are not many Africans or Afro-Americans here, so you will kind of be interesting for least that's the experience I have with my friends who visited Serbia....) Enjoy your Europe tour, no need to worry......
Don't worry u will be safe in Serbia, we like all people:)
Just come and have some fun :)
i dont know for other countries...there is no racism in serbia, we have a lot of black people in our football and basketball clubs and its always interesting to see someone so different so feel free to come to serbia
The racism is not so present in Serbia, we have lot of basketball and football players that are black and living in Belgrade.
Those people live normaly like everyone else.
I have traveled all around Europe,including Poland , Slovak republik,Hungary , Croatia,and offcourse my homeland Serbia.There is some racism in Warsow and Krakow in Poland.The groups of skinheads are roaming in the city,mostly under influence of alcohol,and they are sometimes not wery friendly.On the contrary,countries of ex Yugoslavia,where founders of Non-aligned nations group , know no racism for black skinned people.That makes this locations ideal to visit.No racism promblem in the national history,gives Serbia in that field A+.Have a nice stay!

in Belgrade
Serbian localyte already told you about racism problems, i will just agree with them..They are almost equally to zero.
In Nis and Pirot , there are a lot of black colored peoples, and they are living happy.Without troubles.
For language problems, you know English and its enough.You will always find somebody who know English.Hotels,motels, cafeterias and other vendors / customer services already has workers with other language knowledge.
You are welcome here.
c ya
As stated in previous answers, Serbia is quite safe for a black man (I mean as safe as any tourist destination would be for any tourist). There are still "issues" in Serbia, but not with black skinned people. They are not as common here as in Western countries (USA, France, The Netherlands for example), but they are not that rare anymore either - students, soccer and basketball players, businessmen and common people who are black live here and/or have visited Serbia....You will inevitably get a lot of stares in the street, especially in the smaller places, off the beaten track, because there you will be a "rare bird", but I believe this can only work in your favour...people will be interested in you, willing to talk and learn more about you, and thus you are likely to make a lot of friends and discover Serbia with their we look forward to seeing you here...
All countries you mentioned are part of Slavic tribe, and Slavic people were never generally racism oriented...well except for Croatian,but their racism was toward Serbian people only.In former Yugoslavia (federation of Serbia,Croatia and Slovenia), several hundred poor people from African continent studied ad Yugoslav faculties and became doctors,engineers and so,and with that title returned to their motherlands.It has never been recorded any racial incident during that period.
So, travel freely through east Europe,and breath with full lungs.Enjoy in our culture and landscapes..
Serbia is a safe country.Do not worry. Feel free to visit us.U will enjoy your journey..
those countries except croatia are not so bad,they dont bother anyone and i dont know any case of racism,you can get a nice
People in Serbia r very open minded and maybe black people may get a few stares but nothing else, and everyone is very kind towards 'different' people, so dont worry :)
WELCOME TO SERBIA Miwlard, and don't you worry about that, you will be feeling very nice in here, just come and you'll ses :)
If you are suppose to visit Eastern Europe, what if you come to visit Ukraine. It is cheaper than Czech Republic,Lithuanian,Croatia,Estonia etc. And as for your personal security - you souldn't worry about this in Ukraine. More than that I will guarantee u personally that you b OK here!
I am living in Montenegro these days and traveling through Serbia quiet often. I do not think you will have any kind of problem in Serbia. They are nice and friendly people.
Serbia is multi-cultural and multinational state, but we have problem with people who don't like gipsies or other color skin people. We are open minded people and everyone is welcomed.
Hi, While it isn't particularly dangerous, you won't be able to blend in, so my advice is: Don't be afraid, just exercise sensible caution. If you stick to public areas, where there are plenty of people, you'll be fine. Be aware of who is around you, take notice if you're being followed. As a foreigner myself, I do the same. It's not paranoia, it's called 'situational awareness'.
Other advice: don't show large quantities of money, don't wear flashy jewellery, just be sensible. And above all, enjoy your holiday!!
I think that you will not have any problems in the country's what you have mentioned . ALSO you will not have problems in Croatia .
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In Croatia? Exotic, usually.
Think that will be the best if You have time to visit Serbia and explore this themes as You want. This topic will be forbidden in the future time.

All best

Nikola Nedic
dude stay away from serbia or any other balkan can come visit but touch the woman and your out.we dont like black people in the balkan these people here are retards.i've been to belgrade serbia and im WHITE and racist serbs wanted to hit me for being people in serbia were beat to death.serbia has biggest skinhead group in the balkan and bigger mafia then more time serbia is for serbs stay away from balkan

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