Question re: Good Dentist (crowns)

I used to live in Brazil many years ago. I am planning a trip to Florianopolis. Looking for Dental care there. Reasonable rates for crowns.


City: Florianopolis

State: Santa Catarina

Country: Brazil


Maybe you can try a group of dentists called FLORIANOPOLIS ODONTOLOGIA, their website is

It is written in portuguese, as you lived in Brazil you might have some knowledge in the language, but I will be glad to help you if you need!

Floripa is a lovely island.

If you need any more info, just write to me and I will help you in everything I can, my email is
I have an excelent dentist in São Paulo with a excelente price. If uou need, I can give you the number of my dentist
Does your dentist in São Paulo speak english??? I might need one!
I totally agree with Rafa, this group has a lot of great dentists and I am sure you will find someone there that speaks english!

Besides Florianopolis has a large middle class society, and among middle class you always find people who speak some english!!!

I would recommend to you a private one. It's not so expansive and it's much better than a Dental care. This is the one that I recommend:
Take a look!
Marvio Charles
You should try my dentist- Rosana- phone: 5548 3222 9368 She is very nice and not expansive. Take care!
Please, make a contact with

We have pleasure help you.
my sister is a dentist in florianopolis and she speaks good english. send me an private email for details:
I think this is a great recommendation!!! :) I fully support this suggestion!!!
Dra. Glaucia Mateus (48) 3322-1626 / 3228-1787
Address: R. Victor Konder, 125 Salas 303/304
Email: glauciamateus(arroba)yahoo(ponto)com(ponto)br [to confuse spam-bots]

Located in centro, but closer to Beira Mar Shopping than actual downtown. If you know, or can get directions to, where the Hippo Supermarket is, her clinic is within walking distance (but the building has a parking deck).

Dra. Glaucia is a specialist in implants and crowns! I have (fortunately) not needed to have this done (yet), but the other work she has done is superb, and quite reasonable. Send me a private message and I'll send you "before" and "after" photos, to show you the quality of her work!
It seems that we can find everything in Santa Catarina.
Well, dentists are very expensive all over, if you were in Rio I can help you!
Brazil seems to be the land of the dentistas!

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