April Climate in Finland..

Coming from India in mid April. What is the climate like then? What kind of clothing should I bring?


Country: Finland


at that time of year we can have snow or nice spring weather meaning warmth of 10-20 degrees of celcius. It also depends, which part of Finland you are coming.
Tempertures of 0-10C, likewise depending on what part of Finland you are visiting. The south is generally warmer. The following information may be helpful:

Spring months April and May bring Finland much welcomed light and warmer temperatures. Days are quickly starting to get longer and the snow starts melting in the South, Western Lakes and Lakeland mid-April, while in the northern Lapland the snow might well not start melting before May. The further North you will go, the later the spring arrives.

Temperatures in the whole country apart from Lapland will start to rise in the end of April to about zero degrees and you will start to see flowers and leaves in trees again in May. The spring is a wonderful time to roam the beautiful natural environment and enjoy seeing the pristine forests and fields waking from their winter slumber. Hiking particularly is a popular activity at this time of year as the air is fresh and temperatures are moderate.

Best of luck and enjoy your visit. Long days and a beautiful country.
Adding to the previous replies:
Depending on what kind of climate you are used to (Delhi or Kerala?), how long you are staying in Finland and how much time you will be spending outdoors, prepare with warm enough clothes - you can always leave that extra sweater in your hotel room.
Bring a jacket with room for a warm sweater inside. Jeans should be fine for urban settings, but if you plan to go hiking, then bring suitable track pants and thermal wear.
Thin gloves, a scarf and even a hat can be needed. If you're going up north, bring sun glasses! The snow reflects sunlight a lot...
Hi is a full report of the Finnish weather in Spring (includes April); Spring
In spring, the mean daily temperature rises from 0°C to 10°C. Spring begins in early April in Åland and the southwestern archipelago and later in April elsewhere, except for northernmost Lapland, where it does not begin until early May. Thus, spring begins a month earlier in the south than in the north. Its duration ranges from 45 to 65 days, being longest in the islands and coastal regions, because of the coolness of the sea. Once the mean daily temperature exceeds 5°C, the thermal growing season is considered to have begun. This take place about one month after the beginning of spring: at the end of April in southern Finland and at the end of May in northernmost Lapland.

For the real growing season to begin the snow must melt; this depends on the amount of snow, elevation and the position of the region relative to the sea. Open areas lose their snow cover within two to three weeks of the beginning of spring, whereas on average the snow in the forest smelts about two weeks later. The lakes usually become ice-free soon after the growing season begins in April in southwestern Finland, in May in the interior, and in June in Lapland.

You will need slightly warmer clothing than I expect you would be wearing in India. A warm t-shirt and jeans should be enough in the daytime and then a jumper and light jacket for the evenings should see you through the worst of the low's.

You can also use this website for up to the minute weather forecast;

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