Hello, I will be travelling to Frankfurt with my two children (13 and 15) and will be there for three nights and two days. Any...

...recommendation as to where we can stay and what we can do. Thanks Praveen


Country: Germany


Hi, for information about Frankfurt visit and choose your language. The inner city is really nice, dont go somewhere in the area from the train main central station, its dirty and full off drug addicts and prostitutes, what is legal in Germany.

Use the S-Train or U-Bahn for reaching your targets, buy a Fammillien Gruppen Tageskarte, this ticket allows your whole familly using the public underground trains and upperground buses. With your kids you have too visit the Zoo for Adults visit the "Messeturm" its a real high building what gives you a nice view over the city. Also visit some small citys a bit outside from Frankfurt, like Mainz or Wiesbaden, Citys with wine and eating coultoures, but Frankfurt gives you enough. Interresting is that 3 Millions people come inside the city everyday, but living inside the city are only like 100.000 everybody lives outside. Beware of the undergroundstations and watch your things, its a big city with lots of people, some are nice some not. Also try too eat a Döner Kebap, its really popular, fast and cheap and real goooooooooood. Have fun, contact me for a tour in Frankfurt or outside any time. For a fair tip i will show you everything nice and we will have a traditional dinner at my grand mums house, so you can also see how we germans real life and live.

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