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I am looking for a contact who I can contact when I want to fly on Malta in April.


Country: Malta


Just contact me on my e-mail with the days you are spending here and what you are interested in and I will be more than happy to help :)
maybe this could help
i am not in Malta now but can i reply to your questions if you have any questions...
contact me on my e-mail , and i will be there for any queries and for any help :)
Hi, the best agent on the Island is Paul Ebeyer, SUN N FUN
If you like I can send contact details but once you get here he is very easy to find. Have fun !!!!
It depends @ what location you are staying, ill be happy to help you if youre staying north. anywayz enjoy ur holidyzz!!
Hi Charlot,

We fly to the main island (Luga Airport).
I don't know if it is a great problem to get to Gozo, perhaps you have some info on that (is there a ferry ? If so, how long does it take)

Regards, Jack

What do you mean contact please? Transport at the airport or someone who can guide you around malta and picks you up from the airport at the same time?
I want to come to Malta with my wife on 26.4 (Sunday) and leave on 29.4 (Wednesday)
I would like to go paragliding on one day and drive around on a bicycle together with my wife.

I am a quite experienced paraglider with 400 hours of experience in a little more than 400 flights over 20 years.

Can you help me find
- the places where I can go soaring with my paraglider. Preferable a place where the landing is nog a big problem.
- a place where we can rent bicycles
- an apparment where we can stay for the few days we are on Malta. If possible in an quiet area, not basic and not too luxe (too expensive)
I take it you are looking for someone to help you to plan your holiday time, in Malta. I can help advise you once you get here.
Hi, there are only two certified instructors on the Island. They operate the only licensed school in Malta. Their names are Henry Rota (+356 2137 0467) and Enrico Casolari (+356 2133 4327). For some interesting FAQ's I suggest you visit
They also offer a course which includes 3 Theory and 10 practical sessions, followed by an exam leading to an Elementary Pilot License.
Hi Jonathan,

I visited the link you mentioned, but the emails there give a non-existing response.
But htanks anyway. If you have an e-mail adress instead of telephone numbers I would be grateful.
The email address for the Malta Paragliding Association is Have you tried it yet?
By the way, some of the contacts mentioned in other Localyte replies you received are for operators of Parasailing - which is probably great fun but definitely not Paragliding. If you don't get any joy from the above email just let me know and I'll contact a friend of mine who does paragliding.
Hi Jonathan,

I just tried, but get a message of undeliverable.
Those parasailing contacts I have seen yeah, but I am really looking for a Paraglider contact person.

But thanks anyway.
I have found the following for you:

Sun & Fun Water Sports and Yacht Charters Ltd
Corinthia Beach Resort
St George's Bay
St. Julians
STJ 3390

skype : sunfunmalta1
messenger :

I must point out that it seems they only offer parasailing, not paragliding, and the Price is €40/person for 10 mins air time.

Hope you find that info useful.
Hi you could contact The Malta Paragliding Association at They will be able to give you further information regarding prices and bookings.

These also offer this service:
Contact Person: Ray Vassallo
Telephone: (356) 21 520469
Fax: (356) 21 573457
Mobile: (356) 9986 5910

Street Address:

Ray's Lido
Little Armier Bay
L/O Mellieha, MLH02
Malta, Europe

If you need anything else please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dear Sir,

Below please find information regarding Paragliding:


As regarding bicycle hire, please let me know the area were you would like to stay.

Should it be convenient for you, kindly email me on

many thanks!
10th March 2009

It depends on what part of Malta you would want to do this. I would suggest you try mellieha and Ghajn Tuffieha area, Dingli Clifs and Had-Dingli, Top of the World in Madliena. The best thing to do would be to contact the Malta paragliding Association prior to your arrival.

Try these websites:

Hi there ;)

feel free to ask me any questions you want


The following are some sites which might help you:

Yellow Fun give a very good service for a reasonable price! If you need any more help don't hesitate to contact me!
There are quite a few hotels that have available apartments and are located all over Malta as well as Gozo. If you can specify the area where you most prefer, I will be able to advise and forward some contact details. There are too many to list at this time. Bike hire is also available in most tourists areas so once we have established where you will be staying then I will be able to advise where the best place to go. Please note that any company that most of the above have advised is ONLY parasailing and not what you were asking about - Paraglidinbg. I think it has already been said that there are not too many licensed instructors but we do have a couple. You have already been given the details so to save time I will not repeat the information. Good luck and should you need help with accommodation lets me know your choices

Hi Jaqui,
We (my wife and I) are planning to stay near Mellieha. That is near the paragling spots of Ghain Tuffieha, Delli and Qammieh. For bicycle tours it is also a good starting point.
An appartment with sea view would be perfect, preferable in a quit area. If possible rentable for the days we stay there (sunday-wednesday) and not for the whole week.
We prefer shower not bath.
hi, please tell me the exact days and what you wish to do so that i tell you how much it will cost and give you all the infomation
hi, please tell me the exact days and what you wish to do so that i tell you how much it will cost and give you all the infomation
hi if you still not find anything regards paragliding, please contact NOVA on 0035621575960, e mail: or their website
Just let me know when u arrive in Malta,& I'll be more than happy to help u out :) But Sun n Fun are good..
The following companies offer good stuff for bike hiring:

1. Malta Campsite



Tel/Fax: (+356) 2152 1105

Mobile: (+356) 9949 6707

2. Malta Outdoors


mobile: +356-9942 5439


As regarding visiting Gozo, it is really easy. Efficient ferry service runs regularly from Cirkewwa Malta

to Mgarr Gozo. Scheduled details are found at

(please note that Cirkewwa is within Mellieha area ;-) ).

I invite you to forward me via email your budget for each service required; 1. paragliding, 2. accommodation and 3. bike hiring (and days too)

I will write you in detail about your accommodation and the paragliding activity shortly.

It is my pleasure to be of any help to make your stay in Malta an enjoyable one at a worth value!

best regards,

hey how r you? this is my friend s e mail ..he runs a paragliding team in malta
I have found what I was looking.
Thank you all for the info.
i would be willing to help you in any way that i can . i live on the south side of the island, where you can find some typical maltese villages. if you would like to travel to gozo i recommend that you visit gozo on a saturday.. by that you would catch the local market and most of the shops wil be also open .
I am pleased to see the strong feedback you have received regarding your interest. Should you wish the services of an official licensed tourist guide, feel free to contact me on . I strongly suggest you opt for licensed guides as they can provide you with the correct information and plan a professional itinerary according to your exigencies. Always ask for the license as there's a lot of illegal guiding going around. I conclude by wishing you a great holiday and welcome you to the little island with so much to offer. :)
Best regards,
Charmaine Bugeja
Hello there ..... sorry for the late reply
Malta Paragliding Association is the only contact in Malta for paragliding e:mail - There is microlight club as well check out this site
Contact me on i be able to help AROUND!

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