Hi, I would like to know the following please: 1. How to get from Istanbul to Antalya by train? Or Bus? and how much time it should...

...take to arrive? 2. How to get from Istanbul to Athens? I am not looking to use any airplanes. Thank you for your kind assistance :)


Country: Turkey


- Istanbul to Antalya:

Bus... 12 hours (725km), TL35 to TL57

Train... I think there isn't train directly to Antalya so you will take train to Denizli then take bus

Istanbul (Haydarpaşa station) depart 17:35
Denizli (for Pamukkale) arrive 08:20

Air-con reclining pullman seat TL 28 (£12 or $19)
Air-con couchette in 4-berth TL 38 (£16 or $25)
Air-con sleeper - sharing 2-bed room TL 61 (£25 or $41)
Air-con sleeper - single-bed room TL 78 (£33 or $52)

- Istanbul to Athens:

Bus... 20- to 22 hours (1150 km)...140TL

Istanbul Athens: Daily
Istanbul (Sirkeci) depart 21:00
(you change the train in Thessaloniki between 09:20 & 10:20)
Athens arrive 15:16 in the next day


- Istanbul - Thessaloniki
by 'Filia-Dostluk Express' sleeper train:

55 euro per person sharing a 2-bed sleeper
(= 25 euro fare + 30 euro sleeper supplement).

88 euro for a private single-bed sleeper
(= 38 euro fare + 50 euro sleeper supplement).

- Istanbul - Athens
via 'Filia-Dostluk Express' sleeper train:

49 euros one-way 2nd class, 74 euros one-way 1st class.
If using the Filia-Dostluk Express, add a sleeper supplement of 25 euro to the 2nd class fare for a bed in a 2-bed sleeper, add 50 euro to the 1st class fare for a single-bed room. Add an InterCity supplement for Thessaloniki-Athens, approximately 20 euro.

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