Hi, I'm coming over to Venice with a group of 8 between 31st March and 4th April 2009.

I would like to receive some price options from you for guided tours or wine tours in the vicinity. Thank you. charmaine


City: Venice

Region: Veneto

Country: Italy


Hallo Charmaine,

I'd really like to help you but unfortunately I don't live in that area...if you're planning to stay in Italy for the Easter period from the 11 to the 20 April, and you'd really like to visit nice places and have really wonderful wine taste experiences you should try Umbria (Perugia's region), I will be happy to bring you around and show you fantastic places... let me know....
Obviously since Venice is a group of islands, you might now find a wine tour in the city, but if you go for a day trip to the mainland you should have no problems. You are lucky that you have a fair amount of time to explore the islands.

I suggest going to Modena for a day trip for a gastronom,ic tour that includes a visit to a maker of the famous aceto di modena...
Hi Arianna,
Thanks for your help. I have everything booked for those dates so can't really change plans now. I will keep it in mind for the future. thank you.
Unfortunately I can't help you, but I hope you could find what you're looking for.
I can only suggest to visit this web-site:
Enjoy Italy and its wine!
Thanks for your help.
Dear Charmaine,
Nice to hear you are coming to Venice!
Why don't you send me your e-mail so I can give some ideas?
Have a nice evening,
My email is

Hi Charmaine,Thanks for your request. There are several options: where is your group from, do you need transportation to/from airport, would like to visit venice or also the murano/burano/torcello island? We can also arrange the wine tour including verona. Please advise we would be happy to help. Ciao Nancy Aiello
Hello Charmaine,
I will be happy to help you. Please send me an email with the details about the srvices you need!
With my kindest regards,
hello, I am so sorry, but unfortunatly I cant help you with Venice. In case you will decise to come to Rome, let me know. There I can definitly help you. enjoy your stay
Please take a look at and send an email to
Hallo Charmaine,
we are really sorry but we have not yet set up any wine-tour in Venice not even in Veneto. We are actually providing tours only in Rome's Surroundings. Please let us know if you need any other informations or advice.
Best Regards,
hi, i can help you if you come in umbria.....
do you know the umbrian wines? Montefalco, Grechetto, Titignano and many others.....
Moreover I'm not sure, but i think umbria is cheaper than Veneto about wine tours

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