Can anyone tell me if Torino and Turin two different cities?


City: Torino

Region: Piedmont

Country: Italy


Torino is the Italian name and Turin is the English name, hope the helps.
Although Turin has been traditionally used by English speaking people even they now say Torino. If you recall, during the Winter Olympics of 2006 ALL the English language TV Sportscasters said Torino - personally I think it sounds better that way!
YES, It's the same
Absolutely the same!
Same place. Perhaps you might be interested in knowing that Fiat Cars And Juventus Football Club are both from Torino.
The same city!
it is exactly the same thing
Torino is actualy the name for Turin in the Piemontese dialect .. it is the same city
it's the same, turin is the english name
Turin is the English for Torino, as Florence is the English for Firenze, and Venice is the English for Venezia.... unfortunately too many city nemes are uslessly translated!
Why Paris (in french and english) should be called Parigi in Italian?
No, it's the same city! Torino is the Italian name, and Turin it's the English translation. Nice city to visit!
Yes of course .... lol !
Bye bye
Same city, same pleasant atmosphere: enyoy your time there!

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