I am going to Buenos Aires in july for 6 days, it will be my second time there. This time I want to know how and where eat a cheap..., if is nice to visit the zoo Lujan, if you recomeend me visit the city of Tigre etc etc. Thanks!


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


Hi Daniela! so if you are coming to buenos aires again and wanto to eat cheap you can go to cervantes II located in peron 1883 between callao and riobamba. in that place you can eat really well for like $20(pesos), or you can go to Free where you can have free empanadas (just chicken, meat or ham and cheesse), free pizza (differents), free salad and free pasta. and its between 18 an 20$(pesos), depending on the day. that place is in corrientes 1632 and there is another one in corrientes almost uruguay corner.
im sorry but i never went to the zoo lujan, so i can t say if it s nice or not. but i really like tigre to go on a sunday morning, thats really good. its like a different country but you have a mc donalds .. go to ``la wafflera`` where you are going to taste really good waffles!

i hope that info helps you a little!
I live in Luján, so I can tell you about the ZOO.
It's really nice. Also is very different to the others ZOO why? Because you can ride the animals such an elephant and touch tigers which is exciting. It's not expensive, the fee must be around $15 per person. You can arrive in here by train or bus. But I suggest to take the 57 bus from PLAZA ITALIA or PLAZA MISERERE to Luján. The Zoo has a stop.
Tigre is awesome!!! I recommend u to take a boat trip and have asado in one of the many many islands the Delta has. It´ll be really cold in july so u should bring heavy jackets to go to the river, but u´ll be fine, as it´s always sunny here :)
U can find really cheap restaurants if u DONT GO to Palermo, Recoleta, Puerto Madero and Las Cañitas. U can find small family restaurants all around the city, just try not to go to those kind of places which have menues in english and are recommended in brochures and city maps. China Town is a greeeeeeeeeeat place to eat without spending much. U wont find argentinian food, but u can have a full lunch for $25 (first and second plate+ beverage) and it´s very very nice.
I´ve never been to the Lujan zoo but i´ve been told is awesome. Plus...u can get to touch baby lions and tigers :)
I highly recomend you to visit the city of Tigre, and take a motor boat tour in the area. You can also sail in Buenos Aires, visit for more details. Kind regards

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