How much should I ask for salary if I want to live a good life in Saudi?

I am a banker from India with a lot of experience and I got called for an interview by a big company in Saudi Arabia to work as a Finance Coordinator. How much salary should I ask for this position? I want to live a decent life I saudi and be able to have money for extra expenses. how much would be a fair amount to ask for? Suggestions please.


Country: Saudi Arabia


First of all best of luck for all the things, and you should demand around SR15000 to SR20000 initially. As the average salary of accountant in Arabia is around SR8000 to SR10000. So if your expected salary would be approved, then this is a smart salary for spending a good life here and you can also save the money as well.
yes 15 - 20 K is a very good salary packege here.

good luck my friend
Saudi Arabia is cheaper to live in compared to other GCC countries and there is less to spend your money on. so 15,000 to 20,000 Saudi Riyals should be good. But you must raise the questions "What is the full package?" , "is housing allowance and transport included". The other impt question is "is there a hierarchy ladder?" in which salary depends on nationality. Asians are paid much less than Americans, Canadians and Europeans in many companies. Do promote yourself and negotiate.
you can asked them 6000 SR with out the insurence & Ask them to be buy for you the amount of housing allowance and transportation
and evry begining of the year they make ur Salary high that the sestem we following n KSA
i hope that i help u enough ;)
Ask Starting of 10,000s.r with full package like travelling tickets and family visa,an yearly incriment of 3000.
u can ask for above 15000sr with full allowences for your family.
life in saudiarabia is much cheaper compared to dubai and other gcc countries.
best of luck..
actually it depends on which city cause it varies a lot ..
but in major cities in Saudi Arabia you will have to request between 10,000 up to 25,000 to live good

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