Hi! I'm heading to Byron Bay on the 11 - 13Apr n looking for a nice budget place to stay, any ideas? Its gonna be during the Bluesfest!


City: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Country: Australia



I'm not from Byron Bay or anywhere near there ( Melbourne Vic Based here ) - however I would suggest you try these websites to find some inexpensive / budget type accommodations for you ?

try these and hopefully you can find some help and or answers here

there are heaps more that I can / could suggest for you - so I can try and look around some more if none of the above yield anything for you

best wishes
Hi Carrie,

Thanks for the question. Indeed the sites that have been suggested are great resources for tracking down last minute deals and rates.

Another one I could suggest is which features a search facility to locate budget hostel / backpacker accommodation.

Unfortunately, having a look through, there is really not a huge choice available that weekend due to Bluesfest, so actually finding something suitable may be a little difficult.

I am more than happy to help out where I can... being a travel agent, I can probably see if I can track down some alternatives that may not be displayed in some of the online alternatives.

If you have a particular budget in mind, it would help me to see if I can track down something appropriate for you. Let me know your thoughts!

Kind regards,

Thanks so much for all your replies! I've been checking some of the sites out but most of them are already full for those dates. My budget is between $80 - $100, we're a couple so not really looking for any shared dorm. any further ideas?
I go to Byron Bay a lot, and have land just near by at Brunswick Heads (Ocean Shores), it is a fantastic area, easy going people, laid back night life, and great beaches and surf.
I have stayed at the “Backpackers Inn” at Byron Bay, it is really good during the Blues and root festival, it is so alternative during that weekend, and everyone seems to all get along, “very unusual these days”, ha ha..
I would suggest you get in well in advance, as all the accommodation books out months before the festival, so get in early and have a choice, or end up having to stay at a near by town, sorry, but it is that popular, hope I have helped..

Aussie Dave
Again a good and correct answer, the earlier you book, the better choices and options for accommodations
Hi again

I woud probably suggest then ( since the other places are full up ) totry the next nearest local towns that may not be so well known that May have a budget type hotel that suits - you should perhaps try and books this sort of this a long way in advance - I know when I go up to Deniliquin for the Ute Muster - I book my accommodation just after the UTE muster ( well over a year in advance ) just to secure it

Sorry not else what sure to recommend - Matt or Aussie Dave might be able to suggest something else since I am not familiar with that area

Best wishes

First of all, Enjoy Byron !! It's such an awesome place to go to !! We rented a wicked camper van, such a great experience to travel with those campers ! One thing you have to watch out, is that the police is really strict, so don't just park anyware. We parked ourselfs outside of the centre to sleep, they woke us up at 5AM (we just slept 2h) to give us a fine of $50.
Enjoy !!

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