Do you think Chile is a safe country?

I'm 15 years old and planning to move to Chile. I just want to know if it is safe to live there. I'm moving to the country side north of the capital of Santiago. Are there lots of drugs there? How about the water? And the people? Do you think it is safer in Chile or in America?


City: Santiago

Region: Region Metropolitana

Country: Chile


Santiago is a safe place, like any big city you have to be careful, just use your common sense (there are some bads neighborhoods , not worth going).
There are drugs in any country and Chile is not excluded from this.
The tap water system in the city of Santiago is well treated and is safe to drink.
I belive that security is hard to assess between Chile and the United States (on the other hand in Chile and in South America we name the U.S.: North America :)
People in Chile are very friendly, kind and are always willing to hep.
The best of luck to you.
Chile is like any other country, you have safe and unsafe parts. What you must be worried about is the people you'll be hang out with and the places you'll be going to whiles living there. You just have to try to avoid the people of bad influence. And you only being 15 years old, should try to avoid the night life until you're of age, because one is always vulnerable at this age.
About the water, in 2007 there was scarceness due to the expansion of one of the biggest copper mine, but the situation is better now. You should purchase your drinking water surely.
Yes I think so and is very probable that Chile is safer that the United States in many ways.
chile is such a safe place!! most of any place in latin america!
and in the north of the capital!! woow more safe!
then there is nothing to worry!
The bad things... The water isnt like in US. For example. Chilean water have lots of salt. But u can buy a thing to fix it!
well, i think Santiago isn't so safe, if you want a safe city, you could choose any other city of this country.
Santiago, the city is a very safe place to live, specially the -zona oriente- areas like Las Condes, Providencia, Vitacura and Nunoa, any other question about my city just write to me, regards
Chile is a very safe country. In Santiago you have safe and unsafe parts but if you have a little information and a little of careful nothing happend. If you have any quetions or you need any help when you stay here call me or write me.
Hello. It is the country mas surely of Latin person america, is very much a calm mas that the demas countries if queres I can give you information of the country?
Hi, Chile is the most safe country of america... most serious crimes are: theft and robbery with intimidation. the Murders are almost never. there are no kidnappings, drug abuse is low, these networks are gangs, with
null civilian power. terrorism does not exist. There are no public attacks, there is no some risk for civil society to which fear.
well,some basic precautions: Do not wear ostentatious jewelry in Santiago down town and some neighborhoods, saving technology in safe, non-exposed.
any emergency police always help you, your phone is 133
good loock!
Santiago water has bad taste, but is healthy. Concepcion city water tastes better and is healthier.
Northern Chile is a very dry, water has many minerals and is very bad to drink. Therefore, you must buy bottled water and other services are a little more expensive in comparison to Santiago
. People are very friendly, but as an area bordering three countries, traffickers, prostitution abounds. You can find a lot of cocaine from Peru and Colombia, for lower prices than usual, other drugs are hallucinogenic cactus. This area has several tourist attractions.

See you later.
hile is like any other country, you have safe and unsafe parts.
I think Chile is as safe as the US, and if you're going to live in Santiago it could be even safer as there is a lot of police control and safety plans for the city. However you should decide where to live based on your interests and lifestyle, as Chile and the US are very different in terms of culture.
Hello friend.
Well, Santiago, as many other big cities in the world has safe and unsafe places. Are you moving with your family? The north part of Santiago (as Chicureo, Colina, etc) is still more close to nature. A little dry and cold in winter. About the drugs, if you are looking for them you are going to find them, but that's not the idea. You should be mature enough to see to whom you hang out with and which places you are visiting. The water is safe to drink, maybe at first you will taste if a little funny and your body should get used to the minerals. The people here is very friendly, they will always try to make you feel comfortable, and even in the street if you look lost a person may ask you if you need help. Of course there is bad people also, but you will get to know the good one first. About the safety, I guess it is safer here. People isn´t affraid of going out and don´t keep guns at home.
(By the way, we all live in America) ;-)
As you see, most of the people told you that Santiago is safe and more in northen of the city. dont worry if you compare Chile with the others countries in Latin America here is much safer.
Chile is much safer than other countries in South America (latinamerica for you), but there's still some delinquency, for example if you are lost in a "not that safe" neighbourhood and you look like an american there is a big likelihood that you get robbed, or stuff like that. that's why the safety of the country depends on you, on where are you getting around, etc.
the north part of Santiago is really quiet. like you said, is a countryside, so don't worry about it, but when you go to downtown or worst places, be carefull
As you could read most of us are agree that Santiago is as safe as other countries in latin america and the US or ever safier. As long as you take some little precautions (keep an eye on your backpack while walking in a crowded place, dont leave your things unlocked, etc.) you'll be just fine. About water it's recommended to foreigners not to drink it inmediatly, start drinking bottled water, just beacuse it has some other minerals and you could get some stomach problems at the begining, but you get used to drink it as normal.People is very friendly and you will like living here. Good luck!
Depends which part of "America" your're using as a reference, but the capital Santiago is NOT a safe place, you have to take precautions (like in every large city), specially if you're using the public transport system or if you walk a lot in the streets. The northern part of Santiago is very big, if you specify the name of the area you will live in I could be more helpful, but is not usually known by it's safety standards, in fact, exactly the opposite with notorious exceptions like chicureo, lomas de lo aguirre, some parts of lampa, etc.

best regards.
I think that Chile is a safe country in general. There are some exceptionnaly situations.
I live in a little city in the south of Chile.
Chile is a really safe country in south America. I was in Argentina, and Brasil, and there is more dangerous! Really, we have really nice places for go in Santiago. About drugs, is like everywhere... is up to you, but you are not in risk to get those or see people high or something like that. The water you can drink, but the taste is not so good!... People is really fiendly, nice and funny.
I think is best places in south america, but like in anywhere, you have to be careful with your personal things.!
good luck!
kind Regards!
Chile is the most security country in America, but you need alwais minimal cares like in any other place. No lot of drugs, the weater depend, if you go tho the nort or tho the south of chile...I live in Atacama desert and i love it!!!!!
yes I think it is super safe!
There aren't safe hoods like in the rest of the world, but you can avoid them and stay in safier places.
if you need any help let me know.

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