Hi, i plan to spend my honeymoon in turkey in september (from 20 september for a week)..i want to go to istanbul and maybe izmir or...

...antalya..i wanna a city with it the right season to go to the beach in turkey? any other ideas to have a nice honeymoon in turkey??


Country: Turkey


it's the tail end of the "beach season" but still can be quite nice... crowds are starting to become less...

Both Istanbul and Izmir gets crazy busy... Considder Kusadasi (holiday town) about 1 hour from Izmir. With September getting to the close of the season, you might also be able to pick up some extra specials before the vendors close up for the winter.

Also, Kusadasi is close enough to some other sites (Like Efes - 'Ephesus' and St Johns Basilica) which is all about an hours away. Also close from Izmir if you end up going that way.
Late september and october, Antalya is the best beach city. Especially kemer area of Antalya. Perfect i quarentee to you.
İn my opinion Best place is for honeymoon,Antalya.You can swim in the sea also get lose your self on moonlight at night.İt is a real paradise.I suggest you to go won't be sorry.
Antalya is a splendid idea ,timing is great perfect weather conditions , hotel chooice from 3-5 stars .
you wil have a great time , when you want some special outdoor adventure action then just contact me, look on my web site for what kind off action

i guide the trips my self greetings Tom
Istanbul is so amazing & romantic in Autumn!
if you plan to come to turkey in september you definetly choose antalya. because it has a beach and also the weather will be still nice even in september... but i can not say the same thing for istanbul or izmir...
Hi Sarah,

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! September is a great time to visit Turkey because it's not too hot or too cold, and most of the tourists have left.

If you want to visit the beach, my favorite places are in Kas and Kekova.

For a romantic honeymoon in Istanbul, these two blog posts offer ten suggestions:

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