hi i'm looking at horse riding in the area can you help

3 adults 2 x children


City: Kosice

Region: Kosicky

Country: Slovakia


Hi. I dont know about Kosice so much as I live on the west side of Slovakia in Dunajska Streda. Sorry
The same as in the middle of Slovakia, but for sure, there are such a possibilities.
Hellooo, as previously mentioned there are facilities here in Slovakia. Can you let me know a bit more inforation? Are you looking for Kosice itself or maybe somewhere in the outlying area? Is it a 'Horse Riding Holiday or just one of the activities you'd like to do whilst here?
If you let me know I'll do som scouting around for you.
Happy to help with accommodation too, whether in Kosice or around.
Hi! I´m from Prešov it´s 20 minutes from Košice on North. You go on house estate nr.3 there are horses where you can go to ride. It cost 10 euro per person I think but I´m not sure .... If you are 5 persons maybe it will be cheaper. so if you have more questions write me back. when you´ll come here I can show you where exactly it is :) bye
Ranc u Raka s.r.o., Rakoc 21, 044 16 Kosice, e-mail:: + 421 - 908 395 958, 915 959 147

Jazdecky klub Zelene udolie, tel./fax:+ 421 - 903216859, e-mail:

JS Hrasovík, tel./fax: +421- 902 888 121, e-mail:
Hi, excuse me, but I dont live in east side of Slovakia.
Hi, there is possibility here:
Hipocentrum Hôrka
Ing. Ladislav Varga
Vinné 14 (street)
072 31 Vinné (village)
District Michalovce

15,-EUR/1 h./person booking one day in advance

In case they do not speak English, let me know and I can help you to arrange what you need.
yes you are able to::: at -where you can spend time in the typical environment of the Slovak village., to see the style of life in a Slovak salash (mountain sheep corral) and taste the traditional products, which are made, until today, in a traditional manner and are highly sought out delicacy. The breeding of equestrian, or workhorses on the horse farms, which you can visit, is also interesting. The trips are as if made for families with children.
horse riding at: ---
or in the couple of other places like: High Tatras, Cadca, .... - places and towns in Slovakia!♥
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