Hello, I'm here again to ask about Estonia. What money should I bring to Tallinn in order to change to kroons - euros or rubles?


City: Tallinn

County: Harjumaa

Country: Estonia


In Tallinn you can change to kroons euros, rubles, pounds, etc. In malls you can pay with kroons (and of course with different bank/credit cards). All the restaurants, bars and most of the shops in Tallinn Old Town accept euros.
You can pay with the card in most big places, but in terms of cash better take EUR or USD in order to convert this in money exchange.
Hello, Kristina.

The best trustable place, where to change your currency (rubles or euros) and locations you can find at

All the best, Aimi
You can bring any money, there are lots of money exchange points in the city center, the best one is called Tavid. They have the best currency rates.
Better is if You bring kroons.
Euros can here too change
Везите евро, не ошибетесь. Но посчитайте - иногда доллары или фунты оказывается выгоднее - за счет разницы в курсах с рублем.
You can can with you both. Remember that the currency is the Estonian Kroons. Just some bar and souvenir shops accept euros.
Hello, does not matter + both as roubles as euro are accepted by banks and any problem to exchange

It depends on the currency, what is better for you, but euros will work it out well
Hello, it does not really matter what currency you bring. Since the rate against euro is fixed in estonia. But on the other hand if you switch from rouble, to euro and then from euro to EEK you may loose some money due to the difference on buying and selling rates.
Banks offer reasonable rates but are not open during weekends( at least not in old town). they also charge 35 EEK for the exchange( a bit more than 2 eur).
Hi! Both currencies are good here. In fact, any convertible currency is exchangeable in Estonia. You can find exchange points in many places, especially in city centres.
Otherwise, major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.
Any kind of money will do . The best exchange point is in Tavid this is in Aia 5 (street) near the Rimi supermarket . good luck. thomas
Kristina, you should definitely bring Euros with you. Rubles have a varying exchange rate, but the Euro is fixed against the Kroon. It will be much easier for you to get around also, since several vendors also accept Euros as payment--although they can only give you Kroons in exchange.
u must take kroons
Its a good news now - You don't need to change any money as we use euros Estonia from the 1st of January!

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