How do i visit UNSW and Macquarie university,with more info on specific course.

I'll like to make a trip down to Sydney, to gain a better understanding about the culture,place,food,people and the uni i'm interested in. Any awesome place around UNSW/Macquarie that i must check out? And what do you guys recommend me to take while travelling around there,for long term stay.Shopping places? And is there any personal tour to the university? How do i engage them and get their advice?


City: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Country: Australia


Hi, how are you ? first of all - I don't live in Sydney . . I live in Melbourne a good 1000 plus Kilometres away . . . so I am not familiar with Macquarie - I have heard of it but as I don't live in the area I'm not familiar with it - although Sydney is beutiful in it''s own way . . I personally would not recommend it for a student wanting to study a course there the expense of living there is MUCH MUCH higher than it is in Melbourne where I live, we have some excellent universities here in Melbourne that are more user and traveller friendly for the student and no where near as Expensive as Sydney - but I would suggest you go and see this for yourself, Australia has a lot to offer you and a lot to see, I have already settled another person ( Chinese ) here into the local area near to me for his three year study of Advanced English at the Box Hill College of Tafe - He has since returned home safely and very happy - it was hard for him to adjust initially as our way of life and culture is very very different to his own so it was a real wake up call for him - I have included the link for Sydney University for you to explore their courses yourself and I have also included the link for the Box Hill College of Tafe which is equivalent to University studies as well - I guess depending on what you would like to see and do here and the duration of your stay would make it well worth while in you planning your trip to able to fit it all in - I would not discount an opportunity as well to visit our Jewell in the centre of Australia either ( Ayers Rock ), anyhow I hope this helps and if you do decide you would like some more help in Melbourne, please feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to assist you

take care

Sydney Univerisyt link is

Box Hill College Of TAFE Link is
Hi there,

Sydney certainly has a number of quality universities and educational institutions, including Macquarie, UNSW, Sydney University and a number of other colleges and private educational institutions.

Macquarie University itself is situated at North Ryde / Macquaire Park - about 20 minutes north / north west of the city centre. The North Ryde area is known for it's huge corporate parks, with many world classs technolgy and pharmaceutical companies setting up their Australian base in the area.

The area also hosts the Macquarie Shopping Center, a large, multi story shopping mall which boasts a wide range of shops as well as it's own ice skating rink. There are also a number of other attractions and facilities close by, easily accessible by public transport (car, bus, or train).

In terms of the university itself, take a look at which is the official site for Macquarie University, giving details on the campus, as well as details on courses, faculties, and details on studying there as an international student. They also have a site set up specifically for international students which may answer some of your questions more specifically at:

I hope this brief information is helpful - if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I am more than happy to assist where I can!

kind regards,

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