I work as a tour guide in Brazil and I deal a lot with visitors...and I have a silly but very serious question for you...are there any...

...wildlife in London??? I mean places where you can see animals, birds, green places???


City: London

Constituent state: England

Country: United Kingdom


Well if by wild life you mean Bears and Lion and Anacondas then, No we don't have creatures like that roaming around this city. But we do have animals and birds around. Even fish :)
Davis, thanks for the answer my friend. I would love to visit every park of London, here in Rio, I am also a tour can visit my blog, just read there in my profile! :) YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME! :)
hahahahahahah well anacondas we find in our forests in brazil.

But I am sure that by the Thames we may find some bird that right????
Here I do something simular dedicating my whole tour in the wildlife of Rio de Janeiro State...well, here you find wilderness even in the city! :)
Yes, of course. We love our green spaces!

Here are some links - I hope you find them useful,


WOW SARAH, have you ever thought about dedicating a whole tour covering all the wilderness of London???

I think this is something that foreigners will never think about doing...We have to be in touch and I will explore this topic with you sending brazilian guests under your assistance!!!

It takes time but I will make it work!!!


See my profile here and click on my blog, I really need to know your opinion!
I forgot the River Thames:

Wildlife is not my speciality at the moment! Art and Galleries is more my scene! I'll let you know if I get round to it at any point soon. However, if you are looking for guides who do wildlife tours here in London then let me know and I will be able to find you some Blue Badge Tourist Guides who specialise.

All the best,

You are telling me everything I was really expecting to hear...THANK YOU!!!! You are really making London even more special than the city is!!!!


Have you visited my blog???
We have lots of 'urban foxes' in East London....
And yes, on the slightly 'wilder' parts of the Thames (Putney, Richmond...Kew) there are lots of birds to be seen, heron, cormorants etc.
Sarah has given some excellent links, but I would also recommend some of the fantastic parks, Greenwich, Victoria, St James, Richmond.
Also, Hampstead Heath is wonderful with outdoor swimming ponds.
The other fascinating place to see wildlife (birds, squirrels etc.) and to explore a bit of history is at the amazing Victorian cemeteries of Abney Park in Stoke Newington, Highgate, Nunhead and Brompton. They are mostly wild and overgrown and very peaceful...not at all macabre!! and really probably a bit of a secret. I am sure that you can do guided tours of them (Highgate has a lot of famous people buried there) or you can just go and sit and soak up teh nature and peace.
Best wishes
Thank you Jane, I guess those foxs must be a real danger for the domestic cats who love to wonder around the gardens, right????

One of my dreams is visiting London and of course all over England specially Bath, Cornwall, Lake District, Guernsey and going up north to Yorkshire. you have such a beautiful big island and I leartn my english in a british school in Rio so I am everlasting grateful.

I will take note of all these places and I hope we can do it together!!!

Go to my profile please and visit my blog and you will see how equally beautiful brazil is, and you are more than welcome!!!


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