Can you tell me which countries in South America is safe and unsafe to visit/

My friend started travelling Buenos Aires and plabs to go to Chile, Columbia and Ecuador then all thourgh Centra; America then Mexico. Do you know if any of these places should be avoided?


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


No, none should be avoided. Taking precautions, you can go everywhere. Find out a little about where you will be staying, hotels, places to go or visit, and there should be no problem.
I don't think any place is so insecure up to the point of preventing your friend from going there. He should probably gather some information with locals from each country as regards dangerous areas in certain cities.
If you take all the precautions, you can visit all.
My only advise: try not to arrive at night
Actually, not arriving at night, and other advice and all the rest I have read is just a probability like getting robbed in the corner of your neighborhood. None of the places you talk about should be avoided, absolutely none or your tour would be missing some key places. The best thing is not to look like a foreigner and if possible not walk arround with maps, showing you are not from there, if you need to check your map, take a coffee and sit down away from the bunch. Taking pictures is fine, but not carrying the camera in your chest is a key point too. Buenos aires is fine, so is chile, and ecuador, be a little more carefull in colombia due to the guerrilla up in the mountains. then central america is fine except for nicaragua, be extra carefull in nicaragua, costa rica is excellent and friendly. But again, no place is dangerous if you don´t look like a tourist with a straw or cowboy hat and a 2000 dollar camera! Hope it helps you man!!!
You shouldnt avoid any of this places. Dont walk alone at night, dont show money or cellphones or notebooks or something like this that are easy to be stolen. All of this cities and countries are so beautiful that the insecurity shouldnt be a proclude in your travel.
I can't tell you not to visit any of these countries, because all of them are beautiful and attractive in their own ways and cultures. In every country there is always an unsafety part. But as soon as you arrive into a country there will always be locals that will warn you about the unsafety side of which ever city you're in at that moment.
The only observation I would make is on Colombia, that you should visit mostly the northern part and try to avoid the southern part, where the "gorilla" is.
Like most other travelers suggested, I see no reason to avoid a country at all. I mean, you should obviously take every precaution common sense would dictate, but it's definitely not a war zone. "Except" for some parts of Colombia where terrorism and guerrilla are in abundance, and not even a big first-world city like Bogota is safe from terrorist bombings...

Argentina got a little bit more dangerous lately than normal, mainly due to the fact that the financial situation is making a lot of people desperate and they turn to stealing and similar occupations. One word of advice, always carry some pocket money in case you get mugged in Buenos Aires, and never ever ever put up a fight. Also, you should not walk alone at night (even if you see a lot of people walking, in Buenos Aires you cannot tell the robbers from the normal people, they all look tall, decent and nice from a distance). Do not carry a laptop of expensive electronics, or take out large amounts of cash from an ATM.

I would agree that Costa Rica is by far the most tourist friendly country in America and has beaches to die for.

Best of luck,

You should visit all the countrys you want in South America but take care of your things, and YOU. There are lots of opportunities to visit one of the best places in the world!

don't freak out!

ENJOY IT!!! but take care!
Do not avoid any place, just be carefull... don´t believe everything that appears on tv
hi there! there is no problems in none of the places you name, but confirm with local people to check hotel placer you will visit, and where to go out, but your friend should not have any problem in the cities they are planing to go, the may check visit museums to know a little more about the history and culture of each place, and to get to know all the places, because they are great!
No places should be avoided, just take some precautions like don´t arrive at night or don´t look like a tourist. In colombia you should take more pracution, but it is not a reason to avoid it, it is abautifull country like all south america.
Enjoy the trip
You shouldn´t avoid any of those places, as many here told you, just have to be precaucious, be intelligent and dont be so obvious about your tourist condition, dont be afraid, there are things going on but in general tourists enjoy south america very much.

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