Change money and where to buy Northface bags and jacket

Hi, can I change Philippine peso at money changers or bank or should I bring US$. I also heard that authentic Northface/Columbia bags, shoes and jacket are really cheap, where can I buy these?


Municipality: Ho Chi Minh

Country: Vietnam


Bring US$ for convenience. There are places which will accept Philippine Pesos, but very few.

Authentic Northface/Columbia products are available. However, they are sold only through authorized outlets and not really any cheaper than elsewhere.

At the markets and on the streets you will find two types: "factory seconds" and fake imitations.

"Factory seconds" are produced by the licensed manufacturer but have imperfections and have been approved for release to the local market.

Fake imitations or "rip-offs" are by far the most common.

Quality of the stitching and finishing as well as eyelets/buttonholes ... the very small details ... are perhaps the best way to tell the difference between "factory seconds" and fakes.

There a many, many shops selling bags and suitcases, etc. around Ben Thanh market, especially along the street between the market and the New World Hotel.

I totally agree with Shane Wall. You can find other copy stuffs at Saigon Square, located at the conner of Le Loi and Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Str., and near from Ben Thanh Market.

Have a good trip
Clean, with no tears, USD are the best. In Hanoi you can find good Northface products, seconds but good quality. 1 block south of the Water puppet theater on Hoan Kiem lake. The shop on the Southeast corner is the best. Bargain for at least a 30-40% discount from 1st quoted price
better if you bring US dollars, the exchange rate between Vietnamese Dong and Philippine peso is extremely low here. The exchange rate now is 1USD-17,500VND, so you'll be a millionaire when u get here. Authentic bags are not really cheap here, if you can stand high quality imitation, you can buy a lot here. shoes and jackets, i dont think so , pretty expensive here, Cholon or Chinatown is one of the best places here where you can bargain. Any questions? dont hesitate to ask, libre lang namang magtanong... he heeh Pinoy mabuhay ka!
I think it's best that you should bring US$, cuz you can easily find the currency exchange money place/store/booth in Saigon and exchange US$. Some tourist restaurants/stores even accept dollars, too! :)

And how much is cheap for you? :) I know a place which sells Northface jackets and the price depends on the jacket you want to buy, whether it's 2 layers or just one. The 2 layers' price I remember is around US$53. Is that cheap for you?

For the bags, I think you can find them very easily around the tourist areas, which are Pham Ngu Lao street or Dong Khoi street or Ben Thanh Market. All you have to do is bargain wisely :)

And for I dont know where to buy shoes, so I cant give you the answer about it. Sorry!!!

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask okay? :) I'll try my best to answer them all!
where can I buy the jackets from please
Hi, warmly welcome you to Vietnam. In Vietnam, Philippine peso is not commonly accepted. So you'd better to bring uS$. You can also bring other strong currencies such as JPY, Euro
Hi, you can't change Philippine peso at any banks, hotels here. The best is to bring US$ to travel in Vietnam, then you spend or change easily at any hotels, banks.
The authentic Northface/Columbia bags, shoes...are expensive here, just some shops sell it. Otherwise, fake products are available around Ben Thanh market, really cheap!
Have fun!
1, us dollars
a, in small notes for small shops and taxi transaction if you arrive at 2359
b, big notes for better exchange rates with money changers in case your arrival is over weekend. majority of the banks close from 1600 friday and starts operating around 0800 on monday
c, most cash points can accept visa and plus

2, saigon square and benh thanh market is quite right for authentic items with slight flaws
USD is most popular to change in the small exchanges in VN. If you go to Saigon, just go to Saigon square, where you can buy a lot of brand stuff with cheap price. Good lucks
Bring US dollars! There is a store on the corner of Bui Vien st. and De Tham St. that sells Northface gear only. Its fairly cheap.
No philipini peso... make sure you bring US dollars with you.. n about shoppin' once you'll be here you'll get to know..
i can see that you got a lot of good advices,huh? yep, bring US$ here is the best.And you can pass by Saigon Square (Nam ky khoi nghia - Le Loi corner) or Ben Thanh Market to catch your favorite things.
Have a nice journey then.
You should bring US$ for the best convenience. You can buy bags, shoes and jackets which are very cheap at Saigon Square on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia ward, Dist 1. Moreover, for cheap shoes, you can go to Ly Chinh Thang ward, Dist 3. This ward is famous for selling very cheap but good shoes. If you go to Ben Thanh Market, you should be very careful because they always sell thing with the price which is much higher than its real price.
I think that you should bring USD instead of Peso for your convenience. There are some places near Ben Thanh market where you can exchange USD for VND, or you can just go to any jewelry stores.

For the bags, backpacks, shoes, etc. Saigon Square is the most popular place. But just like Shane Wall said, authentic ones are not cheap.

Other places for bags, backpacks: streets around Ben Thanh market, Cao Thang str., Nguyen Dinh Chieu str, ...

For shoes, glasses: Ho Xuan Huong str, Ly Chinh Thang str in district 3, ...

One more thing, always try to bargain, and better go with a Vietnamese! (a tour guide, a friend of friend, ...)

Have fun!
There is one more place to buy jackets and bags- it's called Russian Market, and it's situated in District 1.
Hi, you can bring USD or Euro. You also can get money from ATM machines in almost cities in Vietnam with your credit card like Visa, Master Card or American Express ...
You can buy Northface bags, shoes and jacket in some streets in Hanoi or Saigon with cheap prices but they are faked ones(copied ones), most from China.
Bring US dollars. Regarding Northface Columbia Bags, shoes and Jackets are available both in retail and wholesale depending on the amount desired. For individual labeling is another matter. As for the authenticness of these are at times in question but from appearance sake, it is hard to determine the original from the copy. As for cheap, if you are a tourist, the price is usually higher as Vietnam like Hawaii has a two tier pricing system even though it has been outlawed. Bargaining is a way of life as a rule, whatever the price, half it and go from there and then walk away, if they follow you your price last stated is too high. Then go to another shop and begin again. No rush, it is the fun of it and you never know you may get a super bargain price if you have flea market bargaining practice. You can buy these bags just about everywhere, but one of the famous tourist places is the Russian Market and any taxi can get you there, it is downtown. With the recent growth of the inner city and the shuffling of shops, it is a bit confusing to track a shop so just enjoy them all. Most of the shops are in Saigon Center or nearby. Bicycle's transportation is best, buses are ok but troublesome but cheap. A map obtained at any hotel or hostel along with a bike rental is best. Do not rent a motorcycle as the new law is now being enforced, no one drives any vehicle unles they have a VN drivers license. If you have one you can exchange it for a VN license, which takes under a week and then you can rent a motorcycle and go out farther. First time vistors usually stay a an old tourist center called Pham Ngo Lao street which is a concentration of other tourist which can add more info to your needs.
leave the peso at home- US dollar is the only real currency in Vietnam and widely accepted. Not so sure about real Northface/Columba items, an educated guess would leave you that most clothing/bags in Vietnam are fake,however, it has been known in recent years- there is real stuff out there.
You should bring US dollar, and just for your tips, you should bring 50 and 100 notes because you can get better exchange rate than 10or 20 notes. Also, you can change and the gold store (as it is free market and the exchange rate is higher than in the bank). The place I usually go to is the gold store name Kim Tan, in the corner of Nguyen Tri Phuong and Ly Thai To Street

Northface bags and jacket, as many people has said, fake one is very popular but if you wannt buy real one you can buy it online but at very nice price, and it is guaranteed that it's real, but the problem is that you can't get to see it real until you order and they deliver direct to your place. the famous website for buying online is

If you wanna talk to the detail email me at
You should change peso money to USD notes at your departure. If not, when you go to Saigon Square, district 1, there's a money charger at the first floor. Here you not only can buy NorthernFace but other famous brands. DVDs here are also very popular!
I have an estimated 82 Northface XShot Backpacks in stock in Vietnam, and an additional estimated 60 Northface Recon Backpacks in Vancouver, Washington (USA). I have a good contact which can provide most of these types of items along with a wide array of other items, however, specific order size (Qty) and exact Brand/Model numbers are not always available since these are original merchandise items - prices are non-negotiable as they are non-negotiable to us from the supplier. Let me know what you're looking for, and I'll do some footwork to see what I can get and at what price. Most of the time I'm notified of what is available or coming available, then it's a race to see who purchases first. I have a great relationship with my supplier, and in nearly every case on my word I can secure any lot. However, that being said, any said agreement to purchase may never be rescinded for any reason. All business is done in USD and paid in advance.
I also have approximately 65 Columbia Bugaboo 3-in-1 Parkas (Blue, Gray & Yellow) in stock (USA) in addition to approximately 70 Eddie Bauer 365 Primaloft Jackets (Carbon & Olive) in stock (Vietnam). The approximated products are ready for purchase if wanted by a potential buyer. Additional products/quantities will have to be researched further.
best to bring USD. the exchange rate is now 17,852 VN Dong for 1 USD. It varies day by day, but not by much. You can change money at many banks, but not all. Vietcombank is excellent for money changing. You can also easily change dollars at a gold shop. Just make sure you know the exchange rate before you go. Usually they are up to date with the latest rates. Phillipine pesos will be much more difficult to change.
You can also withdraw money from most ATM's, directly from your account in the Phillipines.
Northface products can easily be found in HCMC, but the real goods, ie not fake, are not any cheaper here than else-where.
Have a great trip!
you can bring US for more convenience, but there also banks with changing in peso, it is around district 1 in the backpakers.
To get the highest rate, change money at the jewelry shops, ask around before changing coz rate varies. As for jackets and bags, factory seconds and imitation can be found in the market. Just ask the store owner which are imitations and which are factory overruns.

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