My name is Ruth,please how much does it cost to travel to Dubai

Iwant to travel to Dubai,FOR SHIOPPING, what will it cost me


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


It costs much less to shop here for brand name stuff than other parts of the world because none of the shops have to pay any tax.
it depands if you want to buy brand names or not if yes it will cost you from 5000 $ and up and if you don't want to buy brands it will coast you from 3000 to 4000$
i think this is a very broad question, as it depends on what exactly you are looking for in shopping.
For the accomadation, you can spend around 150-200$ for accomodation per night.
you can contact me for more details as i can help you more in this issue.
Hi Ruth:
First of all i need a few questions answered.
1. Is this including your airfare to get here?
2. If so where do you live?
3. February is Shopping Festival Month so people from all over the Globe
come here for that. Usually a 50 to 75% discount on most shoppes all over
Dubai. Clothing and Electronics are hot sellers during that time. People come for the holiday and save money shopping!
5. How long will you stay?
6. What is your budget for hotels?

I would recommend Dubai for a shopping experience. Each mall has a main feature to enjoy. So for a holiday destination and fascination bring you camera and capture the essence of Dubai as well as a few memorable bargains!
Hi Ruth Dubai is a place for Shopping & Entertainment your are most welcome to Dubai just tell me were are you flying from & there are lots of options in Dubai a 3 star hotel may coast you between 200 to 250 USD a chauffer driven car will coast you 225 USD 10 Hrs full day apart there are so many activities like Desert safari Dinner cruise City Tous Shopping Tours Etc kindly let me know which date you are planing to visit as i can organise all your services required


Hi I have access to the best rates in town for hotels and I can also source flights for you......

Where are you travelling from?
What Dates?
How many of you and ages?
How long you want to stay?
What is your budget?

Come back to me and Ill get you what you need.

Take care.
though the question you have asked is too generic. you need to be really specific in what you are asking. Dubai is always a place which is considered to be one of the best in shopping however it all depends on which dates and months you have the plan to travel to Dubai and above all what rate of exchange you are reffering to. Obviously if you are talking about Dollars then no need to be worried about as Dollar is pegged here @ 3.675 however ever if you are reffering to another currency then must check rate of exchange as well.
250$ per day for hotel
for air tickt depending where r u coming from
and depending what level of shopping ur asking for if u want some main stream shopping i would say 1000-2000$ per week

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