Can you recommend a best budget hostel/hotel in Prague located within the city center?


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


Hi , I certenly can recomend to come to our hostel PlusPrague. Its very near city center(2 stops by metro or 5 stops by tram - basicly you're in the city within 10-15min). On the other hand we have the lowest prices(135kc per night) - please check out for booking and see all of our facilities. Friendly staff, clean and specious rooms, sauna and internet for free...

I'm not sure about the one here, this this "chain" had one in Dresden (and they also have one here in Prague).. they were great:

Go to there's lots of hostels

It depends I know 1 hotel near me it is not to expensive the location is very good 20-25min by tram to center and it s very nice hotel :)

problem is that the web is in czech

First I would have asked you what is the highest price that you are willing to give, and when you're planning your trip.

So far I don't have these information, I can give you this hotel as an example

this is a good one, in the centre, but I recommend you because of the price, as it has a possibility to apply the last minute prices, in term 7.3.2009-21.3.2009.
here you are:
Friends of mine stayed at Hostel Elf and were very satisfied. You can check it at .

Alternatively try searching for best reviews on .
When some of my friends come to Prague they regularly stay at the Prague Lion, the website for which is as follows;

Another good (and cheap) place is the Hotel Akcent, which is conveniently close to the Andel metro stop in Prague 5 (only 4 shot stops from the centre)

I can recommend you online reservation system and choice of over 100 short term apartments situated in the historical centre of Prague...browse;


Martina Prague Guide
New hotels and hostels in Prague have been springing up like mushrooms in the night over the last 3 years. Combine this with the 30% drop year-on-year in tourism, and you should be able to get a much better deal this year than any before.
There are three general categories of budget accommodation:
1) Budget hotels/pensions (Pensions are B&Bs if you are American.)
2) Hostels
3) Short-term flat rentals
The first is best if there are 2 of you, especially if you are a couple, and/or you want a degree of service or privacy. The second is best if you are travelling alone and/or want to meet lots of young people. The third is best if you are in a group of 3 or more and/or want to cook for yourself.
Again, the questions for you are when are you coming, how many of there are you, and how much are you willing to spend.
I've heard a few things about places in my neighborhood, and I live in a very pleasant neighborhood about a 20 min walk to the National Museum, but as I live here I don't have any direct experience of the hotels.
try also

by the way - you have to ask/check 2 things: either how far it is walking distance from the main city square, or, if it is anything beyond 1 stop from either Mustek or Museum metro stops - is there any NIGHT tram going nearby. Night trams are numbers from 51 to 59. since metro is closed after 00:10, and you're unlikely to be coming back that early - make sure there is a tram line nearby if you're going to decide to stay not in the immediate center.

Otherwise, you can always call a cab. Keep in mind that getting cabs off the street will give you a more expensive rate anyway (even if they won't plain rip you off, which they do at times). One of the options is calling a taxi, another is TEXT messaging a taxi (very convenient). Write "Taxi please, (address and/or name of place), (your name). Thanx" and send it to +420 602393070. Wait a minute or two - they'll text you back. The message is likely to be in Czech, but it doesn't matter - you'd identify the time when it will arrive and the SPZ (which is license plate number), as well as type of car very easily. This company is the one i personally use, the rate will be much lower upon pre-order, and it's very convenient to get taxi by text.
try Hotel Florenc or Hotel Vitkov you can find them both on
i am the director of this 2 hotels and i am sure that you will like them alot

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