I am so interested to visit Dubai and find out more the Middle East having the Emirates as my main door entrance, but I am curious to...

...know what people in Dubai know about Brazil and what your peopl e think about Brazilian People. I have a blolg that you can read a lot about Rio de Janeiro and also see the pictures, you are more than welcome to go there, just go to


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


Greetings from warm and sunny Dubai . Here we have all different communities present and different nationalities too . The mix of culture can be seen in every corner of Dubai .
Being a football fan i think you being a Brazilian should be proud you have it all . The Brazil of what i know and information from friends is that its an open culture , the carnival is fantastic , and the people are nice and its a beautiful country .
Some would ponder on the crime but i think well which country doesnt have it . But i would surely like to visit one day .
Dubai seems to be so diverse, a muslin culture so cosmopolitan and so open...I knoe there a rules, but at least the country gives freedom for new ideas. I would love to experience it one day!!!

Yes....regarding football, humbling speaking Brazil is a power and our charisma fascinates anyone!!!

We are colorful people and we speak with the heart!!!

You are more than welcome to come here!!!

Did you see my blog?
Marhaba from UAE to all Brazilian people :)
well Brazil from the countries which i really like to visit one day special the carnival which i used to hear about it its amazing and as also am fan of Brazilian team which has amazing football player also the most famous thing is the Brazilian coffee :)
also i heard that they have wonderful beaches and great natural places :)
hope to visit it one day
about the Dubai its really nice country and yes there's freedom but with the rules also cause everyone should respect its Muslim country also and its has own traditional as any Arab Muslims country but the most i like about this city is the clean and the safe which u can feel here not like in any other place and plus this amazing sand shines under the sun like piece of gold ...u must visit it but u will enjoy it more in winter days its the most weather ...
Dubai sounds very interesting and inviting, and I am really happy that Brazil is quite popular, we should find a way to promote Brazil in the Emirates!
Hi La pure, i just wanted to mention that Dubai is a city within Emirates which is the country :)
Hi and Welcome to the UAE! Dont worry Dubai loves Brazil and you will be welcomed with open arms....... Dubai has a diverse community and you will fit in very well.
Thanks alot Fareed!! Great to know that we can find people who are very opened to Brazilians! :)

by the way, do you know any influenced travel agency in Dubai that deals with Dubai's people who travel????
If I have a chance to go to Brazil I will go; and it will be my next destination. Nothing like Brazilian songs and sambas, cool. For sure Dubai knows about Brazil.
Hi Rafael

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city :) and to be honest I never seen any ads about Brazil or promotions, but Brazil is known by Football, Samba and Paolo Cohelo:D

Welcome anytime to Dubai
Hi Rafael,
30 years ago I wanted to migrate to Brazil. I was in love with Astrud Gilberto, Carlos Chopim and all the other great samba musicians. I love the Amazon and of course Rio. I landed in Dubai. We don't have samba here. So it's high time that you come immediately in order to fill the town with the Brazilian spirit of joy. You'll like this place because it's unique for its cosmopolitan character.
Wecome to Dubai. I have several Brazilian friends here. The is a Brazilian Restuarant in Park Hyatt Dubai. Most of the staff are Brazilian including the chefs!
Hi Rafeal,

Visit my site on localyte to see what little Bahrain has to offer compared to it's big brother Dubai. We're small but we're beautiful and I'd be happy to guide you around if you should make it here one day! But you have to teach me to Salsa, Samba, Tango and Foxtrot all before you leave - just joking !!! :-)

Serena Johnson
Manama, Bahrain!

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