We are travelling in Bangkok Thailand in May, What are the nearby tourist attractions neaby ? we are on a budget ... Do we still need... join tour packages ?


City: Bangkok Metropolis

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Hi Gary.
If you do not have to be here, or you will loose money if you don't come to Bangkok, my advise is . . . Don't go there full stop.
Without answering with smart-tailed answers, the following applies:-
Beware of the power clashes between police and rioters,
The big shopping complexes are closed, The night market is closed, the bars are deserted,
The bank of Bankok is closed, as is the Siam Commercial Bank,
Beware clashes between reds and yellows, ... by the way, don't wear any of those colours please?
I would suggest that you say with your tour group and not wander off into the middle of a riot.
Watch the news and read the local press to find out and monitor the situation in Bangkok.
Be safe please.
the mobs as they call them here are only in some places so stay away from them and the rest ov bangkok is gerat and if you want a market to go to carch the cky train and go to mo-chit market on sat and sunday
MBK shopping mall is still open and not affect by the red demonstration. Can go by BTS.
good answer
In not much travel in Bangkok No need to join so you can travel by your self by TAXI
Thr grand palace and Temple around ,Club night life,or shopping in Bangkok
Contact me when you arrive i will reccommend yuo more
the buses are the chepest way to travel but a lot of them do not have english writing on them ,you can normaly find someone who well talk a little english and most people well help are feom 400 baht a night which is 8 pound sterlin.bang-pa-in palce is nice and not far from Ayutthaya the old capital of have many temples in bangkok and if you want to travel up the river it is cheap by river not let the people that run the dast bouts talk you in to useing then as it will cost you 30 pound or more.if you want a river crouse then go to kret islane in the moddle of the river which is north of the city by taxi but make sure they put the meter on and from the center of bangkok it chould cost you no more tham 300 baht to get to the bout stop that will take you to the island for 2 baht where you have a matket and can get a bout for about 500 baht for a trip up the river.i hope this helps you a little
Avoid the tour operators, if possible. If the unrest is still going on, follow the recommendation given already.
Suggestions for one day tours around Bkk:
1. Ayuthaya, best by train from HuaLamPhong central station (bus is an option).
Hire bikes for getting around in Ayuthaya.
2. Kanchanaburi/River Kwae. Take bus from Sai Tai Southern Bus Station (take a local bus from KaoSan/Banglamphu to bus station on the other side of the river), or train from Bangkok Noi train station (much nicer than bus, but takes longer). You could take bus back to Bkk.
3. Pathaya/beach, take bus from Ekkamai Eastern Bus Station on Sukumvit Road.
All three excursions can be easily extended into two or more days, if you like.
i'm thai. i lived in chiang mai...if you will come to bangkok....sure that is the capital city and many have tourism attraction which you will be interest....i'm not sure what kind of tourism would you like to do....about cultural, histories, or anything else.....i can't suggust you very well about bangkok just to know about the famouse temple and palace.....but i would like to recommend you come to Chiang mai's is the biggest one of the northern part of thailand ...and it's very interesting ...such as...if you like the cultural tour....or history tour....Chiang mai is the lanna kingdom in the past and it so diffirent from bkk....chiang mai was built around 700 year ago by king mung rai.....and still have the old city area......i mean now it's still have some ruin like the brick wall and gate...and the old city...still have some place which very interesting....such as "wat chiang mun" it's the first temple of chiang mai....which the king mung rai who was built city have been there....there is "wat pra singh" this temple is very beautiful and famous of CM because there is the buddha image called pra singh....which is the famous buddha image and there are the old lanna architecture....and there are the Doi suthep temple it's the temple on the mountain which is the most famous of chiang's very the way we also have the beatiful natural same as the park if you like to go the trek....and the experience with the elephant farm.....that's very great....!!!because ....the elephant were like the important animal of the past we used them to worked and for the war....then it's same like the heroine of's many interesting.....which i was to tell you that's very great......!!!!! you can try by self.....oh ...!!! and if you really want to go to CM.....i suggest the good accommodation's located on the middle of the old Tamarind will get the great experiance and cultural from there....believe me.. !! because...i worked at here...hihihihi if you interest you can in our website at website the way hope you want to come to chiang mai...........have a great day
Hi Ms. Ratchadaporn Chutima , is Chang Mai not a big power-house home town to Thaksin? Everybody there is red shirt, huh ?
Did it not go bang yesterday with bombs and grenades?
Not good for tourists who just want a good time.
Hello Mr.Macmillan.....
about your comment....yes, chiang mai was his hometown.....but i didn't agree with you for everybody in chiang mai to be red shirt all of the town......That's just someone....Who got benefit with him....but there are also have many people....who didn't agree with red shirt....did you get concern of redshirt in CM from your country newspaper?? i see.... the tourist from australia also asked me about that and he shown me about the newspaper...In my Chiangmai..still be interesting...everyday...didn't hear about the bad ..... not same as Bkk. it's very crazy.....i would love to see thai people love with all together...and must to give something good or good feeling with together......Hope they won't be selfish more at all.........

and i think that's safe for the shirt mob just have only one's o.k....i can told you like this...not have anythings for afriad.......just to have your your self more than every....and give some love for you know, actually CM's people were the kindness and still to be smile of siam.....don't worry about that....if the tourist just to traveling. They will be get the charming experience from here.............Nowaday...i still always hapiness when i can help or can take care my guest.....and i also hope the tourist who came to CM will be hapiness same like me....if they didn't care about that..............and the last one i'm very confident ....when the tourist came at here. They will got the feeling form the loving of the ancestor who would like to see the peaceful to chiang mai same like the mading war. looked like in the past.....our ancestors to be restore for to siam...for every thai people....but now...why did the thail people don't be love together.........I's will be the end in cooming soon just for the dear majesty of thailand.............
Heja Gary
I'm supporting the views and recommendations from Graham & Wilfried.
Avoid to join the rioters, whether they're "red", "yellow" or in "uniform" !!!
Hello. At present tme avoid bangkok due to the protesters, but if all is over when you come I can give somemore info at the time.
No need to join the tour package. You can go around Bangkok easily.
One place for local shopping you shouldn't miss is "Chatuchak Weekend Market"
You'll enjoy lots of Thai goods and product with local price.
It's open on Sat. & Sun.

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