Is there anywhere to hire mountain bikes from on Phuket


City: Puket

Province: Phuket

Country: Thailand


Amazing Bike Tours Thailand has a fleet of Trek Bikes available from their office in Phuket.

No. of Days/ Rental Price per day in THB
1-7 Days:400 Baht per day
8-14 Days: 360 Baht per day
15-21 Days: 320 Baht per day
22+ Days: 280 Baht per day

Please Note: They require a cash deposit of Baht 20,000 for each bike rented.

Se their web site for details.
This is a good place to go Hire Mountain Bike the other suggestion for you is to buy a Mountain bike at Big C or Tesco then sell it when you leave mountain bikes range from 3,000 bacht up words depending on how good you want but make sure you have accident insurance in case you get hurt hope this is helpful have a great holiday
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Many places, however some good answers have been giiven already above!
yeah every where man...
There are so many places in Phuket to ride a bike with a very nice view;
For example the routh from Surin Beach to Kata beach, or the interesting routh riding the bike up on the hill toward The Big Buddha or Rang Hill in Phuket town.

I hope you will enjoy the ride.

Heja - just read Randy .... Have fun in the sun !
the messages already give you the answers.

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