Hi, if I come to Budapest on saturday (it's my 1st time) could u make me a company that day


City: Budapest

Capital city: Budapest

Country: Hungary


Hi, unfortunately cannot. Also it is not clear which Saturday we are talking about, but next week (24Apr) is not good to me at all.
meant on 24th.
anyhow, thnx / köszönem
Hi Maja,

thanks for your question.
Could you write me your details at:

Best regards,
Andrea Turcsanyi

did you mean to pay on giro-account? or it would be free walk
I'm sorry, I'm in Finland currently, but have a nice time there :)
ok, thnx/ köszönem ;)
Hi, Thanks for your request, Unfortunately that day I might be travelling myself to teh countryide , but if there are any tip I could be useful please feel free to contact me.I do not promise that I can assist you on your firt day a I am not sure wether I will be home. I would likje to go to a waterpolo competition in Eger .

Hi Maja

I might take u arround here in Bp for free. :))
More infos:
To tell you the truth sunday would be better, but you are the traveler, you are the boss! :) When and how will you arrive to Budapest? Have you got any plans what to do on that day? Send me an email with your details if you interested...
Well, I am supposed to be in abroad, but only if the airspace will be open, otherwise I have to stay at home...
Yes, of course, I don't work on Saturdays, so I could show you around without you financing my "efforts" :)
Hi Maja! If you choose me, just send me email for the details. :) Don't forget your camera at home and I will show you around. Zoli
what kind of email is that?mmm...never had it....
Hi..i am in Cyprus..for a business travel.. enjoy your Budapest-trip..:-)

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