Hi, We will be in Venice for 3 nights in a couple of week and would like suggestions of good dining options. Thanks!


City: Venice

Region: Veneto

Country: Italy


This is a tricky one!

Are you a muslim or a hebrew?
Are you a Buddist?
Are you Christian?
What are your tastes?
What are you culinary habbits?
How deep are your pockets?
Is there all money inside?
Are you a cheap guy?
Fisn only?
No sushi?

I don't know you, how can I advise you if I have no idea what are your self limitations in culinar matters?
Take a look on
there is a page on restaurants to give you a few ideas
I am a native Venetian and I always suggest to the people I meet to go away from Saint Mark's Square Area, I'd rather go towards the Rialto area. Get lost, and if you find a restaurant which is off the beaten streets, most of the times, that's a good one.

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