What's the best time of year to visit San Diego?


City: San Diego

State: California

Country: United States


San Diego is one of those blessed cities that's got decent weather year-round.

If you want the stereotypical California beach scene, go in the summer. Take your flip flops and your sunscreen, and be prepared to battle a few crowds. It will be warm and sunny, guaranteed.

If you want slightly cooler weather and fewer tourists, go in the spring or fall. Be warned, though: San Diego is by the ocean and things can get chilly pretty quickly.

Winter is rainy, but not necessarily freezing and miserable. If you're not going with plans to spend the bulk of your time outside (i.e., mostly shopping, visiting museums, etc), this is probably the cheapest and least-crowded time of year.
Alexi makes some good points here, but I would say that we get little rain in the winter. Lately, we've gotten a fair amount in the Spring. Some years, we get rain in the fall, but it really doesn't rain that much during the Christmas season. If you want to enjoy the Holidays, minus the snow, come to San Diego for Christmas and New Years. I guarantee you'll have a blast and you'll stay fairly warm too. Make sure you have a warm jacket with you at all times though: when that sun goes down, it cools off mighty fast around here! ;-)
This is a year round vacation spot. The zoo and Wild Animal park are more comfortable before the summer but not during Santa Ana's.

Balboa park is spectacular any time of the year, but I really like the Rose Garden in the spring.

A cool and fun activity is the San Diego County Fair in June and the Horse Racing July-Aug under the ocean breeze is the best in the west.

We have famous art fairs that you can locate on other websites that appeal to a different audience and the museums are a good bet any time of the year.

I just love living in San Diego County.
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