I am coming there with two other peopl on Dec 27, I want to rent a car with drive for a day. CAn you tell em how much it costs. ALso CAn you

I want to rent a car with driver in Lima and Cuzco for a day, can you give me price


City: Cusco

Department: Cusco

Country: Peru


You will need to contact
The service is priced at USD 30 per hour, with a 3-hour minimum, in addition to standard rental car charges—an estimated 35% less than customers might spend on standard car and driver services. Customers can reserve chauffeurs up to 24 hours in advance in Lima, additional fee may apply if a particularly skilled driver is wanted away from Lima.
About US$ 35.00 per day.
hi! my bussiness is renting cars...i can rent you one for 50 dolars per day with driver included, so you don't have to worry about it..and also, my cousin have a travel agency in cuzco, and my family have motels , etc...we can talk about it,...specially if you don't want to spend too much money as long you stay there..
Hi, to rent a car for two people the price is US$ 20 with english speaking driver, for more information please write me at
warm regards
i have a travel agency.. i can offer you different types of car including driver.. since 35 dolares per day as minimun and 13 dolars per hour. it depends of the car and the driver..i can include you a translator that can go with you free.
my agency includes cuzco also. so if you need to know more just write me and i can give you more information..
For Cusco and the surrounding areas, Enrique has a new SUV, speaks English and is totally helpful, safe and friendly.
i could help in cusco because iam from cusco i need to know for how long time ???
Dear User
In Cusco there are many cars for rent and for different models, do not know what you like, maybe a little or you want a 4 * 4 off-road, depending on what you want to vary the cost. There is $ 90 USD per day, there is fewer and more money.
Please do not hesitate to contact will be ready to answer your concerns.
Sorry to answer you soo late; yes I can, although it's a little "early" to assure.. I have a new roomy, black Hyundai H1 van; my wife and I speak english and we'll be glad to show you around. It will cost you US $ 25.00 per hour plus some entrance fees to local attractions and your meals (superb ones!). Sorry it will be only for Lima (not Cuzco by now).
have a car 4x4 full that you can rent for 120$ per day with driver....

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