what to do, where to go and where to sleep in vancouver?

Hi, I am going to visit Vancuver, and because my plans have changed I have three weeks in Vancouver alone and I want to see as much as possible on a shoestring. Any advices? How to get from the Airport to the centre, do you know any cheap hostel? Or What places would you recommend? Thanks for your replay!


City: Vancouver

Province: British Columbia

Country: Canada


Dear Ania - Greetings! One of the best and most inexpensive ways to travel to a an unknown destinations is through the university community. You will be able to meet other people of your age group, with many resources you could never discover on your own. The university accommodations are safe, clean, and comfortable, so I think for a three-week journey, this is your best bet.

If you have the chance to take a ferry to Victoria for a day or two, this would be a good idea, then you will have a chance to see two extremes of life in British Columbia. Don't forget to take a day trip to Whistler as well, and tell them you are a travel and tourism student, maybe they will invite you to work during the upcoming Olympics!

Happy Trails,


The University of British Columbia, 1935 Lower Mall, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6T 1X1 Tollfree: (888) 822-1030, Telephone: (604) 822-1000, Fax: (604) 822-1001
Host(s): staff
Cost: $33.00
Hi...University accomodations are your best choice...Visit Victoria....and go for a tour in the mountains...hell's gate, Fan tan alley, Thunderbird Parc, Stanley Parc, Grouse mountain, Chinatown, Gastown, Vancouver art gallery, Othello-Quintette tunnels, Minter gardens, it's all gorgeous...visit any native places...islands....Have fun.
Some of the hostels on the island are good - Tofino Botanical Gardens field station, Fat Salmon Backpackers, Painted Turtle. Camping is cheap too if you want to haul the equipment. City buses are the cheapest - check the translink website for Vancouver. Grey Hound or the Tofino Bus cover the island. Walking on the ferry is cheap - $10 or so.
Dear Ania,
here is so much to see and to do, that even three weeks is not going to be enough?! Everything depends of your budget? There is a lot places where you could stay for fair price. If you prefer hostels there are some in downtown area as well. Regarding UBC, it is little beat out of town and if you don't mind buses and waisting time every day to go back and forth it could be ok. Unfortunately, there is not skytrain to UBC and same hold for airport, but hopefully is going to be finished before Olympic games. It would be the best if you could afford to rent a car, if not may be we could arrange that I pick up you from airport and to give you ride to place where you decide to stay, or you could take bus and I could provide you with instructions how to get where you want. Also, if you are interesting in bed and breakfast I could arrange you good place to stay with fair price. There is a lot things to do and places to visit, so that suggestions I could leave for latter, first to resolve issues about accomodation. Also, there is way that you could get deals for attractions that you want to visit, so I could help you about it as well. For more information you could post again question on Localite or contact me directly at:
Dear Ania,
My sister just came to Vancouver to visit me for 3 weeks last month. Maybe the places I took her to can give you some ideas.
Firstly, the public transportation from YVR (airport) to downtown currently is only bus. The Canada line (skytrain) hopefully will be completed in the end of this year, but now you need to take bus #424 to airport station and then transfer bus #98 (B-Line) to downtown. The terminal station is Waterfront. It’s the transfer of skytrain, seabus (to North Vancouver), west coast Express, and buses. The fare is CAN$3.75 in weekdays and CAN$2.50 after 6:30pm in weekdays and weekends. When you arrive in downtown, it would be economical to buy book tickets (of 10) that are sold in 7-eleven, safeway, shoppers, and Londondrug, or any store with ticket sign on the door/wall. It's easy to find one in the Metro Vancouver. As well you can see the details on
Two-day trip for Vancouver Island (Victoria & Nanaimo) and one day trip for Whistler will be ideal. It’ll be an unforgettable experience to take the ferry to Vancouver Island and enjoy the warmest place in Canada. Some other places you must go around are:
*Stanley Park (take bus #19)
*English Bay
Cycling along the path of Stanley Park and watch the West End view by the English bay are great!
Take sea bus (Waterfront station) to Lonsdale Quay (North Vancouver) and then transfer bus #236 can take you to
*Capilano Suspension Bridge & Park
*Grouse Mountain
Waterfront station nearby:
*Canada Place
Famous for five white sails
*Harbour Centre Tower & Revolving Restaurant
Good view of Vancouver city
I think the cheapest souvenir stores are here.
*Chinatown & Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens
It’s the second big Chinatown in North America.
Notice: Don’t walk into a small alley, it’s unsafe. To visit here on weekends or holidays will be better.
Take Bus #50 to *Granville Island (personally, very recommend)
Emily Carr campus is in this area. It’s good to visit here on weekends. Art! Art! Art!
*Yale Town
Fashion, art… loft style restaurants and shops
*Davie Village
*Queen Elizabeth Park (bus #15)
*VanDusen Botanical Garden (bus #17)
*Richmond Harbor /Steveston Village
Take bus #410, or bus #601/#351 transfer bus #C93
fresh seafood,and beautiful view.
*Little Italy
Commercial Drive 1st~12th
*Little India
Main Street 47th~57th
If you like shopping:
*Robson Street, Granville st,
*Pacific Mall in Vancouver downtown

*metropolis in Metrotown Station (skytrain)

Lastly, about living, except UBC or B&B, maybe you can check these hotels in downtown.

Hope the information above will be a little help for you.
Have a good trip!

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