crocodile park

thanks for the answers,how much time should we plan for crocodile park?going there, stay and coming back? since we have limited time , it is better to plan in advance. how much would a taxi charge for a round trip to the park?


City: Vacoas

District: Plaines Wilhems

Country: Mauritius


i think you should be ready early for crocodile park as its far , and in the park theres much activities half the day will be spend there . i would advise you to quit hotel @ 8:30 s o that you can enjoy your journey well ?
For the taxi 50 - 100 eurs for the trip, its a long way but u can arrange for a good price

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I would advise you, as you will be spending a full day and prior to going to the Crocodile Park, to visit the Naval Museum + its new craft market, Gris Gris, Robert Edward Hart Museum and then go to the park by 1.00pm and have lunch first prior to the visit of the same. Cost for the day including the taxi, entrance fees and lunch would be around USD 150 for both of you.
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please contact me personally as am a resident there.... its or call me when u get here on 935 66 90
Good morning. It is dependent on where you are staying in Mauritius. Travelling time and cost will vary. Beware of con artists who may charge you an exaggerated fee. I suggest you locate your hotel on google earth or map, then locate the Crocodile park and measure the distance between. A rough estimate from the North (Grand Baie), will be 1hr 30 travel at approximately 3200 Rupees taxi return. I recommend you consider hiring a car for the day, this will be cheaper than a taxi..!

Regards, Baz
You will at least spend 5 or 6 hrs there.For the trip will depend where u are staying on the island.May be 50-75 euro fee for a taxi to take u there plus the entrance fee.
To go to Crodile Park it will take you a half a day that depend of you what time you want to go ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it depend on you either it will be morning or afternoon,,,,,,,,,,,,for the taxi charge it will be 50-75 euros,,,,,have a good trip
hello , so my idea is, you wake up early , you take the bus , about 2 hours trips , and you pay the entrance , you buy food at the snacks , you take another bus for gris -gris , take a swim , it will cast you RS 700 .00 may be .

so good day enjoy holidays
I personally think a half day will be ok,
Cost for the day including the taxi, entrance fees would be around 75 euros for both of you.
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