5 day family travel help needed

me, hubby,and our two young boys will be in Germany in March for a week. Any suggestions? We have no idea where to go.


Country: Germany


if you have 5 days you should go to munich or berlin cause these are really nice cities and also big and you can enjoy your time there!!! Have a good trip and if you have any questions just ask me!!!
Well a good family holiday is to start at Bad Salzuflen and go and see the lovely nature park and maze.Hotels are quite expensive in Germany , but you could stay at a B&B for around 35€ some have family rooms.Travel down to the cologne area and down the rhine valley , there is a park called Phantasia Land in Brühl and if you have a car you can stay along the Rhine right down to cochum or evem go into Luxemburg which is nice trip.You can do this trip also on ther DB German Railway, a bit pricey though without the Barncard.
Driving is on the right ofcourse.
Let me know how,when, and where your arriving and I can help you.
I normally charge 100 Euros a day if I accompany you as a translator or guide.

Hope I helped
Love Martin
How old is "young"?

I really enjoy Berlin - it is a huge city, and really cheap for being a capital city. Here is a specific tourism page for Berlin and kids: If the kids are old enough to appreciate it, the Pergamon museum has a reconstructed Turkish temple and the Ishtar Gate of Babylon inside the museum, and it is amazing.

I like Cologne a lot too: A few things that aren't mentioned on this page are Rhein cruises (a great way to chill for a few hours) and the chocolate museum (), which includes a greenhouse with cacao trees, cacao tree fountains that spew chocolate, and a scaled-down chocolate manufacturing facility. For grown-ups there's also a great local beer culture. ; )

You might also want to consider Trier (kids' tourism web site: ) with a day trip to Ville de Luxembourg. The Roman and medieval stuff in Trier is top-notch and surprisingly not overrun with tourists. Ville de Luxembourg is gorgeous, there's a palace with guards on duty, and a huge chunk of the city is built around the ruins of a medieval fortress that you can go on tours of. Plus, it's got the best of France and Germany. One of my favorite hostels in the world is in Trier (Hilles Hostel - pretty inexpensive, good location, clean, and the owner really made it feel as if we were staying at a friend's place) and if I remember correctly, they do have special set-ups for families.
Hallo, my tip is:
Saxony – Art, Culture and Nature in the Heart of Europe,
it really depends on what kind of "vacation" u r interested in..
If u would like to see what it means to live in a german big, exiting city - u should see Hamburg or Berlin (Berlin is probably a bit too big for a family with two young kids, and Hamburg has a beutiful harbour!! - both are absolutely pact with art and culture ;o))
If u would like to see the country side, u should travel to the "middle area" of Germany or if u like mountains, south Germany is than probably the best place to be.. I guess- I do not really like it ;o)
Germany, although a fairly small country really, was historically 20+ countries. Because of this, there is a lot to see in each area. I'm a tour guide in Bavaria, which is where nearly all stereotypes of Germany come from (think Lederhosen, oompah bands, and beer halls).

For kids, we have the most recognized "castle" in the world, Schloss Neuschwanstein (have the kids watch chitty-chitty bang bang before coming over). For Neuschwanstein, I would do it as a day trip from Munich. The easiest would be either to do a private tour with someone such as myself, or go with a larger group from Radius Tours in the train station (in front of track 31).

Because Bavaria has the highest average income of any of the states in Germany and is quite conservative, it is also the safest area of the country. It is clean, safe, and family friendly.

If you have any questions about sights around Munich or want me to expand on anything I mentioned, please don't hesitate to ask.
So you have some recommends meanwhile. Maybe the weather forcast until next week will help you for a decision. It looks as if the rain and snow will take place, mostly in the western and southern region. If you like snow be in Munich, or nearby the Alpine chain. It might be dryer, maybe more sunier in the eastern parts, like Saxonia and Dresden, or the Region Berlin and Brandenburg. At least, Berlin is one of the cheapest capitals in Europe, besides the former eastern block cities. Slowly we see nature is awakening, springtime is near. You would see it, for example in one of the hughe garden landscapes of Potsdam. Mentioning park Sansouci...
all the best,
Gerhard from Berlin
yes you really should visit berlin and munich but you shouldn't miss cologne anyway, its a really precious city and around there is düsseldorf and bonn (30 minutes away from cologne)
hi , 5 days in germany , well as a most nice place i like berlin u can find there all what u looking for and also the prise is more cheap than in another city , munchen its also nice city , frankfurt , but as a visiter its important to see the capital city and u can see always such old places , and u can see such old cluture , and all type of food all over the world and u can meet alot of mo0vie star over there and all kind of hotels and price are there but dont forget your umbrella . enjoy it
hello There,
You must visit Berlin..It is a huge city, and really cheap. You will have good time there with your children.
Please please bring your own bottled water as for some reason in berlin all the bottled water (i even tried starbucks, i know what a let down) has a really weird sweet taste...
Good walking shoes are a good will walk around Berlin a lot to see the sights...

Have good time.

the bottled water? it's okay?!
i'm drinking it only and i'm still alive

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