Hi, Visiting London with my friend, and was wondering if someone could recommend which form of public transportation pass to take?...

... I've heard there is one that is good for 6-7 days, let's you travel on all means of public transport, and if bought at the National Railway it might even give you discounts from tourist attractions. Does anyone know which one is that, how to and where to buy it, as well as how much does it cost? It would be great if this could actually be connected to coming into town from Gatwick Airport. As a side information, we are leaving on Thursday, staying for 5 nights, would love to see 2-3 stadiums, as well as London Eye/Madame Tussauds/Aquarium. And many more things as well, of course :) Thanks in advance, Adri


City: London

Constituent state: England

Country: United Kingdom


If you are planning to travel around a lot on public transport it may be worth your while buying an Oyster card. It is a sort of rechargeable card. I believe it costs £3 or 3.50 and then you can recharge it according to your need in any Underground station. You can use it so much in the Underground as in London buses. Of course you will have to have one per person but it is much cheaper travelling with it. Have a great time!!
Oyster is a blue plastic card you can use instead of paper tickets. You can put Travelcards on it, as well as credit which you use up as you travel.
Try this website and check the prices.

Recommend you to visit Emirates stadium even if you are not an Arsenal supporter, Wembley Stadium and Stanford Bridge as you might meet some Chelsea stars.

In my opinion when weather permits it I rather walk in London than travel in the tube as you see much more.
If you have time of course that would be the best and also is healthy.
Enjoy and have a great time

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