Cancelling my working visa for Dubai. I never went there. What should I do?

I was offered a job in Dubai and my employer had a working visa issued to me. I ended up not taking the job and getting another one in Germany instead. The company in Germany will process my visa. What should I do to cancel my 1st working visa in Dubai? What documents do i need?


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


hi i do some research to u for ur guide.

A visa refusal decision is final and cannot be changed. Applicants are free to apply again at their discretion, but are strongly encouraged to wait until they can show significant changes in their family, social and economic ties to their place of residence and/or changes in their travel history. In the reapplication process, applicants must provide new and convincing evidence of ties to the UAE, as well as any new evidence that they clearly intend to depart after a temporary period in the United States. Please be reminded that the fee charged is a "processing" fee, which is non-refundable whether or not a visa is issued. Because the officer at the second interview needs to see new and compelling evidence, reapplying immediately after a visa refusal rarely results in a visa issuance.

I think no documents needed but sad to say ur processing fee will not be refundable.
I would inform the company that made the Visa for you. They took the trouble to make it for you and it would be, at the very least, good manners to formally decline the offer so that they, instead of you, can go about transferring their VISA to a new employee. Companies here are issued a limited amount of Employment visas based on things like office square footage, number of existing employees and what they can show on a bank statement.

The employer needs a signature from you on a visa cancellation form because they are not allowed to cancel a visa without your consent.

If you don't notify them and have them cancel your visa, they can very easily turn around and get you banned from coming to this country for six months, a year, ten years or more.

Therefore, if you want to keep the DUBAI option open in future, you might want to notify them ASAP, give them the reason you cant accept their offer and then work with them to cancel the visa.


well, if your working visa was issued a long time is automatic our case that we have a residence visa and we'll go out of UAE for consecutive 6 months, it will cancelled automatic...but we consider as absconding unless we'll send our original passport or a copy with a visa page to the HR dept in order to cancel by P.R.O. so we can enter again the country. check what is written on your visa how many months the validity to enter the country. your passport was not stamped yet so, i guess thats a bit easy.

-check with your german company to secure your employment here as well-
Hay ok basically depends on when you visa was issued since if more than 6 months ago and you have been out of country then automatically your visa will be cancelled. Otherwise your company would have normally reported you as absconding yet difficult to say unless i know exactly what happend with you ie did you just leave the country without telling your Dubai employers? Were you in country when you Dubai visa was issued etc.......... In any case you dont have to worry to much yet my advice would be to inform you Dubai employers that you have left if you havent already done so and check with your UAE consulate in Germany they can check your current status in UAE for a nominal fee. Let me know more details and I will help you out i have many friends who work for immigration. Take care
it expire with 30 days of issue so if u didnt entaer UAE in 1 month then ur all good otherwise u need to inform the company in dubai to cancel it for you
well there could be alot many possibilities in getting up in a trouble when visa things are there.If your visa was issued 06 months back and during this period u did not enter Dubai for a single time then your visa is automatically canceled and it is considered as an absconding case. The best possible solution for this is please contact your old employer and sign a cancelation form with them so that once you land dubai for any good reason you are not there in a trouble.
stay out of the UAE for 6 months, your visa will be null and void after that. No need to cancel it. Also, be gentleman enough to send a letter to the company.
if your going to work in Germany then there is not a problem i the visa is not stumped on your passport all you have to do send a email to the company who issued you the visa tell them your no more interested in the job in dubai. they will cancel your visa

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