Bus or train from praque to berlin

cant decide which.. Has anyone here done either or both them? Anything in particular I should consider? How long does either take? How about cost?


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


If I would go to Berlin from Prague I would choose train. It is more compfortable and mainly much faster than bus.

Train: Prague(Holesovice)- Berlin: 4h 40min
Bus: Prague - Berlin: 7h 30min

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I did the train trip last summer and it was a lovely journey.

You can check details on the train here -

they have an English version and it details prices for local and international journeys.
The German website is perhaps a little easier to use -
As you do not say when you wish to travel (day, month) neither by day or by night, kindly have a look at version available too) where you have both buses and trains
depends on how much time you're going to spend in Berlin
if you go there for only one day, I think that the best way would be to use the Student Agency yellow busses, as it leaves Prague at 23:55 and it is in Berlin around 5 o'clock, at Kaiserdamm station, near Funkturm. The same way for going back. But if you're going there for several days, maybe I would consider about using train as it's more comfortable and takes less time. But that depends what you're used to more - bus or train. Personally I prefer bus
I have to say there is an alternative to train - e.g. a bust trip with Student Agency () for considerably less - CZK 850,- as opposed to CZK 1358,- by train. Both take 4,5 hours. The SA buses are modern and comfortable although you only get limited departure possibilities.
I took a trip from Berlin to Prague by train years ago and liked it, it goes alongside the Elbe, not sure which route the bus takes…
So the decision is up to you: savvy and comfy by bus or romantic and comfy by train ;o)…
I guess this really depends on whether speed or cost is your priority.

If speed then go by train - takes around 5 hours from Praha Holesovice to Berlin. The EC trains are fast, comfortable, and also provide excellent views of the Czech and German countryside. I've been to Berlin twice by train and would highly recommend the journey.

If cost is your priority then go by coach - Student Agency would probably be your best option, although of course this will take longer and the scenery along the way will be pretty boring (unless you enjoy looking at motorway verges!)

Good luck!
I did the bus journey once with the Student Agency. It is very comfortable and cheap if you want to travel overnight. Have a nice trip!
train !!!! best fastest nicest way !!!

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