earthquake in spain? how does it effect travel


Country: Spain


It doesn't affect it at all! While it's true that south Spain is a rather seismic area in some parts of the coast, it didn't have any relevant quake in decades and the last one of 4.8 Richter Scale didn't result in any damage at all.
You donĀ“t have to be afraid about earthquakes in Spain. You can come and enjoy many things without concerns about seismic problems.
Ain't no worries at all about earthquakes here in Southern Spain.. I live in Murcia and I have never experienced any, even when I've been told we had just had one the night before... Wish you a nice stay over here! Ennnnjoyy! :D
Yesterday's earthquake happened in the mountains of Sierra Nevada and so deep into the earth that there were no damages at all in the area.

As my other colleagues say, earthquakes in Spain are minor and with little relevance.

In my area, Barcelona, for instance, the only important earthquakes causing damage date from... the 14 hundreds!

You might want to read some information on what happened yesterday, go here:

Go ahead with your plans about coming to Spain. It's safe!

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