Hello. We are planning a 2 week trip to Turkey at the very beginning of June. We plan to spend a week in Istanbul then the following...

...week along the Black Sea and Mediterranean. I'm looking for suggestions for interesting and out of the way neighborhoods, restaurants, parks in Istanbul. My goal is to get away from the tourist areas and find the places that locals go to. We're not 'club' people or partiers but enjoy good food, hiking, outdoor activities and smart people.


City: Istanbul

Province: Istanbul

Country: Turkey


in Istanbul I suggest: The Emirgan Park (Turkish: Emirgan Korusu) it's so amazing & romantic park on bosphorus northern Fatih Bridge on the european shore
I'm sure you will like it
I agree with you...
one of the best place in istanbul.
great nature & lovely food
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As much as you can inform us about your expectations , me and my crew is going to be happy to assist you!
One week is almost good anough to spend in istanbul.
Also I recommend you visit black sea region instead Meditetarranian. Cause you wanna avoid truists. these days downside is going to be fullfill of freigners.
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one week is enough to see istanbul but not enough to see both black sea and mediterrinian you should choose one and i recommend black sea region according to your preferences.
In istanbul i recommend you to visit the greatest mosques(süleymaniye,Blue mosque and fatih mosque) which are the best sampes of ottoman architecture and totally free to visit.You can go to Yıldız Parkı in Beşiktaş which is a forest in the center of the city.And Yoros Castle in the asian side of the city is exactly somewhere you would like to see.
Adalar (the isles) also suits your expectations.They are 4 isles which are very close to each other with an untouched nature.You can access there by ferry from Kabataş.there is no public transport on the isles and no vehicles are alloved.there are a lot of phaeton riders touring around the isles but i dont think you will like them (because of uncivilized behaviors of the riders).you can also hire bicycle which is the second best way to travel around the isles after traveling on foot.

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