hallo ,, i will be in toronto in 20 june, and i do not know what shall i do for enjoying my time there, and i wanna ask about a a... or a court for playing squash, and how much does it costs, and if they permit the tourists to enter and play,, and what activists the one can do there, and the traditional food and drink, and life with my best regards ahmed my email is


City: Toronto

Province: Ontario

Country: Canada


Hi Ahmed,

For information on squash in Toronto, I would contact

Canada (and particularly Toronto) is a multicultural place, so there really aren't many "traditional foods". Toronto is a city where you can try food from all over the world.

Maple syrup is very Canadian. Two Canadian desserts I recommend are butter tarts and Nanaimo Bars.

Both can be found in bakeries around Toronto. A place you can try both of them is St Lawrence Market -

I'm a local tour guide in Toronto. If you want learn more about the city while you are here, I would be happy to help. For a list of my top 10 things to do in Toronto visit:

I hope you enjoy your trip to this amazing city!

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