Guys, need your help once again;) I'm wondering how much approximately it would cost to rent a very simple flat in Buenos Aires and...

...other cities in Argentine.The flat has to be as simple as possible, just 2-3 beds, a toilet and that's it:) The main thing is it has to be cheap. Waiting for your replies!!!=) Cuanto dinero necesito para arendar un pequeno piso en Buenos Aires y otras ciudades en Argentina? Debe ser muy pequeno y muy barato;) Gracias!


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


"Cheap" and "Buenos Aires" aren't often heard in the same sentence unfortunately. Although 'cheap' is obviously a relative term. It depends on how long you intend to stay, but you'll probably find something for US$500 per month. Alternatively you may find a room in a flat-share for as little as US$200 per month.
Oh, so is that really possible - to find a room for 200$ per months? It's the 2nd time I heard it and it's kind of hard for me to believe, it's a really good price! But, please, could you specify what a flat-share room is? How many beds are there? Is it privat or somebody else would live in it, too?
Yes, belive it's real, youll have to look for it. Check also these two links:

¡Hola Alexandra! I'm from Rosario, Argentina. Rosario is the second most important city in Argentina. Regarding renting apartments in Rosario, all depends on the term of your rental contract. Regular contracts for local persons have a duration of 2 years. Under this kind of contracts nowadays in Rosario the minimum price you can pay for an apartment it's perhaps USD 350 per month including all utilities. You also have the temporary modality that is more expensive. Prices under this modality with all utilities and furniture included may range between USD 650 and UDS 1000 per month. There are some other options. For example, for the students coming to study at my school of Spanish for foreigners Che Rosario Spanish School I usually help them to get some home stay or family stay option. You may pay under this modality between USD 350 and USD 600 per month. Also, you have the option of staying at hostels, hotels and bed and breakfasts. Send me a message whenever you want if you need my help or further details.
Hi, this is Mariela again. In PARANÁ, ENTRE RIOS, you can find a small apartment in the downtown area for US 150. my hometown is adorabel, please google the place. or just search PARANÁ, ENTRE RIOS. It's a town mainly to 'unwind' from a hectic life and enjoy outdoor living. and you can study Spanish here at It's in PARANÁ as well.
I dont think that´s possible dude. One of my friends from France came to BA two months ago and we spent a lot of time looking for something cheap, and believe me, if there´s something cheap is sh*t!
Something with 2/3 beds it´s U$S800
Sorry 4 giving u bad news :(
Well, the news isn't actually bad;) I realize what I'm going to do and what I need. I really don't mind living and a s##t as you call it;) I just need some place like "walls+floor+ceiling" not to live in the street=) I'm young and don't need too much comfort;)
Hi Alexandra! I think i have something for you, check out this appartment that i have to rent in BA, it is about $230 (pesos argentinos) per day, i don´t know how long are u planing to stay, u can also rent it per week or month and arrange prices.

Is located in Recoleta neighborhood, really nice place, and turistic.

hope i´ve helped u

Hello! Thanks for the answer;)
230 pesos is about 55 US dollars, am I right? Isn't it too expensive for a day?
I'm staying for 2 month. Could you, please, find out the price per month?
Hi, if you are looking for a room with wifi, I have a friend ( girl) who is renting one, as tothe room in her own words, "ALQUILO HABITACION JUNIO-JULIO EN BAIRES, bueno bonito y barato! un PH hermoso en el parque centenario, cerca de 2 subtes A y B, cama matrimonial, habitacion de 4x4 (gigante) ideal para vacaciones o gente que venga a hacer cursos.CONSULTEEEEEE!!!!" I can give her your FB contact page or you can email me and I will pass on the information. Its in Pesos, the exchange rate is around Pesos 3,90 for each US$s! Thats ok, Bob Frassinetti
Hi!!! Thanks for your answer;) Send me, please, her FB page to my email address :)
Thanks a lot!!!=)

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