Do you think that Cairo is a safe place to vist?

I want to know is is safe for me to go to Cairo, I'm a female student visiting Cairo over the summer to study.


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt


yes , cairo is safe , safe , safe , safe 100000%
welcome to egypt, yes Cairo is safe for you as a female student traveling alone and for everyone else, especially around the tourist attraction areas. but always follow your common sense and instincts.
yes it is no worries , u can contact me if u need help ok
Egypt is a very safe place to visit, i had 2 exchange students living in my house, and they spent a year, both of them commented that Egypt is a safe place, so don't worry, come visit, you won't regret it..
Hi,Egypt is the safest place in the world for any person whatever his nationallity is.
Here in Egypt we have alot of foreigner students especially in cairo however male or female.
I hope for u to come here in cairo very soon and u r welcome any time.
hey my dear
i m female also like u and i live in egypt and nothing bad happend to me come to egypt its safe place dont care about what the news say this is not the true because we live there and nothing happend welcome anytime time to egypt people so freindly and hospitality and so kind people,
come to egypt dont scare and also i live in amzing city called alexandria welcome anytime to visit alex so beautifullll city
but plz dont be afraid i know do u will enjoy more here ,
i wishe for u nice trip and nice time in egypt
egypt is so safe, come and enjoy ur study
hey there , first i would like to welcome you to Egypt :) , i think yea it is safe for you to go to cairo and you are very welcomed here and you will see with your own eyes that u will feel like you are at your own home :) and you be able to study well and get good results at your studies ;) wish you good luck

I've American friends as part of the Middle East Studies Program (MESP), they are here for nearly three months studying and having fun, they're around 30 students.
Hey !
Yea Cairo is safe .. the police is doing really great job in that .. and what happened in ElHussein is just an incident that will not happen again.
the people are really welcoming and helpful. you will feel like its home! .. lol
Welcome to your second country Egypt . Wish you the best in your studies
It's fairly safe and you will always find lots of people around smiling and offering to help.and if you want to study here The American University in Cairo is the most prestigious educational institute in all Egypt. It offers a variety of courses including Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies. English is the instruction language.
hi , how r u doin?? offcoarse cairo is safe 100 percent ,am student at cairo university and there are many students from different nationality who study with me in same class ..i see dat they enjoy there life easily , safely and people treat them nice are welcomed here and enjoy.. c ya later
Hi,Yes Cairo and all places in Egypt are very safe 100 percent,you welcome in Egypt in any time you want.
I would not be to worried about traveling to Cairo. I was there myself last week and everything seamed very good. I did all the tourist attractions and I felt very safe. I would travel to Cairo just not be Naive think ahead and be on your guard just as you would if you traveled to any other large city in the world.
Cairo is one of the safest place on earth. However, if you are staying for a while. You'd better think well about the clothes you are going to take with you. Since cairo is Middle Eastern country and Egyptians are not used to women wearing clothes that show much skin. Thus if you avoid this point you will enjoy your visit as the Egyptians are really friendly and welcoming, you 'll feel as if you were in your second country.
Hi - Cairo is indeed a safe place. Take the same precautions you would elsewhere - that is look after your valuables and just be alert to your surroundings. In the street if you need help ask a woman if possible. Egyptian men can be flattering and persistent at times in their attention to Western women, but if you are friendly but not "familiar" and are prepared to be firm when necessary you should not have any problems. Mind you, I married an Egyptian man :-)

Do take care with your clothing - it will be ferociously hot over summer and you will be tempted to wear very little, but you will be best served by wearing cotton or linen and long skirt or pants and three quarter or long sleeves.

You will see a large police presence and plenty of security around, Egypt works hard to make its people and tourists safe,the latest incident seems to have been unconnected with any major organisation and a small protest.

I do hope that you enjoy your stay, Cairo is a fascinating city with a lot to offer and if you get a chance you must also have a look at other great Egyptian destinations.

hi bejordan

forsure cairo is very safe and you are welcome in cairo any time and if you are a student of egyptology (or not) i will be happy to be your guide in cairo just contact me.
cairo is safe dont worry you will found very nice people & i hope you will succeed good luck..
Yes, Cairo is a safe place to visit, but always follow your way.
Dear,In Egypt you are most protected and secured than anywhere in the world. You will find the native people very helpful and protective and always there for your assistance. Also you will be able to live your life as you choice, We have different cultures here and are all respected. Kindly inform me where u are going to study and where are you going to stay and I can advise you more on this subject. Also can help you out with detials and orientation. Best of Luck for yor studies.and as we say in arabic...ahlan wasahlan ...Most Welcome !
Of course it is safe,and you are mostly welcome anytime
Of course it is safe,and you are mostly welcome anytime ..enough!!
Cairo is indeed a safe place. choose a right place for your accommodation, which should not be so far from where you staudy, so you save time, energy and money.
Cairo is very safe place for you as a female student.
there are many nice places you can visit on weekends.also, you will enjoy your study because Cairo has it all for students.
yeah it's safe ..don't be afraid of that at all..and if u want anything in egypt or any help just let me know..
well yea it's safe & ur not the 1st 1 who want 2 visit egypt there's alot who do & who done it b4 & bk home safe u welcome anytime enjoy ur trip
you can come and see by your self....
you can go outside all time..24 hours in 24 hours...
just try..if you need any help..or you need any information about any thing in Cairo..pls ask me..
It is safe, i am traveling alone everywhere, I am also a female student, I visited a lot of countries in Latin America, which is worse then to go to Egypt. Do not go late by yourself, try to visit everything during the day, may be have a dinner somewhere near to your hotel. It is fine.
It is safe, i am traveling alone everywhere, I am also a female student, I visited a lot of countries in Latin America, which is worse then to go to Egypt. Do not go late by yourself, try to visit everything during the day, may be have a dinner somewhere near to your hotel. It is fine.
hello there.welcome in our country and urs too.with our sense of hospitality u ll never feel it is not is 100 % safe
i would like to assure you that our government is doing it's best to secure every tourist that is visiting our country and that you will be in good and safe hands as it's important for both of us, you will feel comfortable and safe and we well make our country looks great. So every one will be happy :D. i hope you to enjoy your vacation.
yes it is safe, i'm not saying that because i live there but it is really safe for you and for everyone who would like to visit it, and if you want i can meet you here and show you around and take you to any place you want to visit i'm astudent too i study tourism gidance so i can help ;0)
Sure it is very safe to visit Cairo anytime & you can make a tour in Cairo & feeling free to visiti anywhere in Cairo.
Enjoy your trip.
sure egypt one of the safest place in the world and u welcome any time
hi , there is no safe place in this planet , what u can face here u can face it any where , if u prave girl to travel alone than egypt is the right plase because here we know how to respacte people , never worry just trust ur self and dont forget the swimm alot and enjoy our sun
I went to Cairo last year for 6 weeks and I felt safe all the time in Nasr City, Downtown and Giza.

There's some other places where I don't feel too comfortable. Egyptians are very nice people.
look i think that the best thing thing is to ask someone visit Egypt and i am saying that it is very safe place not because i am living here but because i know many tourists and i see how they feel secure here in Egypt so you're welcome
cairo is one of the safest capital among many capitals in the world
cairo is one of the safest capital among many capitals in the world
well .. if u r alone .. its 80% safe .. unless u know someone or u r reaching a certain campus .. it would be 100%
yes it's safe , if any thing had happened , it happeness all around the world , but don't worry it's safe & u will love it & u'll love all the people i'm sure,
best Regard & looking forward to c u in cairo
Safety is inside us not around, tell me is it safe for a female in NY.after 8PM.
it's safe in Cairo after mid night ALONE
Hi there,
Egypt or cairo is one of the most safest place in the world reards wat you hear about and the boum the crime rate is very low. the egyption are realy friendly but the exception is still exist avoid the hassler in the street noting is for free here in egypt show respect to the cultuer dressed in a modest way avoid the hassler and good luck for your study here in egypt
yes ofcourse cairo is safe
just like all countries of the world , cairo is susceptible to anything but generally its so safe
u can find police stations everywhere , tourism police is so active and are willing to help whoever wants help
it's safe we r kind people :)
I can just say that its safe now more that before.
esp after that last events ... and i can tell you that I saw foregin ppl inside Tahrir sq in ( 28 Jan) they was safe and protected by the Egyptian protesters and they was supporting us .... most of them went out completely safe and not even scratched .
so i can assure you now that Cairo is safe more any time before.

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