Do I need to buy a new mobile phone to use in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?

Or can I use my old phone? Will it work there? Can I just buy a prepaid sim card to use with my old phone? Also, what are the rates in calling overseas to countries like the US and Canada? I'd appreciate your help. Thanks.


Country: Saudi Arabia


If u have a GSM phone u can use it anywhere in Saudi Arabia. Yes u can buy a prepaid sim card and just use it with ur old GSM phone. you can find the calling the international calling rates at or wichever connection u choose to buy
Depends on the GSM Phone you have.. maybe it is locked to your home country network. In that case, you can go on the net and look for the unlocking code.. or get it unlocked... All GSM phones work in KSA... Fortunately, in India, wher I am based, any phone can be unlocked for almost nothing...
almost all GSM phones work in the country KSA!

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Syed Fahad Hasan
In order to put prepaid sim card on your old mobile phone,It should be unlocked one.
If it's locked to some network provide,you will need to unlock it.If you need phone unlocking service visit and you can get free phone unlock instructions from cost of the roaming charges depends upon network provider.

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