Which is the easiest route to Carcassonee when travelling from Nice?

I want to travel from Nice to Carcassonne and I want the cheapest and most convenient option.Eurolines seems too costly. Are there any other means like buses to reach my destination?


City: Nice

Region: Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur

Country: France


There is a train between these 2 cities ... cheap and easy ... If you buy your train ticket up to 3 months in advance, it is cheaper ... the closer to your departure, the more expensive ... You can buy online
If you travel alone the cheapest way is probably by train but if you want to travel and stop along the route to see Aix en Provence, Grasse, Arles, Nimes,Montpellier, Bezier (best oysters in France)and Narbonne I would suggest to rent a small car and drive.

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