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Dear All, I want to come to Turku city that my Moon are living there. How can I can get the approval? How can I can buy a cheapest round-trip flight ticket from Viet Nam? Where can I visit when I be there? Thanks all!


Country: Finland


Your friend can invite you to travel to Fin (get the invitation from the office call maitraasti).By that, you can get the travel visa which is valid in 3 months. Since you are in VN, the best way to buy ticket is asking from the agency. If you travel in the low season, the ticket may be around 800-900e from Vietnam to Helsinki. Then take the train to Turku cost about 20e one way trip.
Hello. When you come to Turku there are many beautiful places to visit, including the Turku Castle built hundreds of years ago, the Turku Cathedral, a walk by the River Aura and there are many, many islands to visit! When you have booked your trip to visit Turku, let me know and I will give you any help you may need. Best regards.

There is also on Moomin-world in Naantali, nearby Turku. Turku is one the oldest cities in Finland and there is many interesting places and museums to visit. If You arrive during summertime(high-season) there is also two good rockfestivals: Ruisrock and Down-by-the-laituri =DBTL-festival).
Ruissalo is a beautiful out-door place to visit. It is an island nearby the Turku center (8km).
Hi there. You can visit this site to get a Finnish visa;

And then you can use this Vietnamese tour operator to get your flights sorted out;

When you have every thing organised why not visit my travel page for loads more useful information such as language tips, food, places to go and tavel tips for within Finland.
Sorry the website to get a visa from a Finnish embassy in Vietnam is this;

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