Going to Singapore next month,want a good hotel to stay in.Also where can I get good food?

I want to taste different cuisines.Which is the best area to get good food in Singapore?


City: Singapore

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Country: Singapore


Hi there,
It depends on your budget. =)
Hotels in Singapore are generally good.
If you want to be in the heart of town, you can stay in Marriott Hotel.
Slightly near the end of town but near another shopping paradise is Rendezvous Hotel and Carlton.

As for good food, I would strongly recommend you to try it out at the Food Centre instead of the cafes and restaurants. You can find them all around Singapore.
I'll be more than willing to bring you for a tour of yummy food! =D
Hi there

It depends on your budget for accomodation.
If ur nt gonna spend much time in the hotels, its best to stay in lodges or budget inns. We have many around town and bugis area. I would suggest Lloyd's Inn in the heart of Orchard or Beach Hotel for Backpackers in Bugis...

As for food..u should try the food courts and cafes for different tastes of singapore...not only they are cheap but tasty..the real taste...

Let me suggest Clarke Quay for good seafood & entertainment too!

Enjoy your stay!
What exactly is your budget like? To stay at a reasonable hotel/inn chain, you could try Hotel 81. They have numerous locations throughout Singapore. Check out their website:

Also, as for food, you could try them at any food courts in the various shopping malls throughout Singapore. Such as the Food Republic food court in Ngee Ann City building at Orchard or even the Koptiam food courts which are now in almost EVERY shopping mall. If you are going to East Coast Park, you MUST stop to eat at the various food stalls there.
Prime area in Singapore is Orchard area, but be's a little costly. So I have to know the budget before I know what to recommend for hotel.

As for food, we have multinational culture food. From authentic Chinese food, western food, exotic food to malay and indian food, we have it all.

State your preference and I can recommend more indepth =)
well, seems you hv some good recommendations frm our experts! yeah!

Hmm, good hotels is pretty easy to locate, depending on ur budget :) U can have 6 star Fullerton Hotel to a 5 - 4 star hotels, all pretty good. Food is plentiful and fantastic
in SG and good ones too, so give me a mail message and I will be ur guide to good food....haha :P

Are u a meat person, if u are .... I know exactly where to bring you and u will love it for sure! :P

So mail me : and I will help as much as I can okay..thanks. I will give u my no if needed, mail me if u need helP! Let me know ur dates of ETA earlier. CYA!

I would suggest a service apartment or some short term accomodation places such as a HDB flat which most of the SIngaporeans stay in. If you prefer the city, then a good location is Bugis, you can check out the Bencoolen service aprtments or Sunshine plaza,both are in the heart of Bugis and is easily accessible to most parts of SIngapore. Places where you can get good local food are Esplanade food court. Go in the evenings and you can enjoy a lovely sea breeze after the meal or take the Singapoe River boat cruise.

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