Australia visit,can we take food into Australia?

We are a group of 6 friends planning to visit Australia and do a lot of sightseeing and surfing. All of us are vegetarians and we prefer home-made food. Are we allowed to take food into Australia from our hometown? If not,where can we get vegetarian food in Sydney and Perth?


City: City of Sydney

State: New South Wales

Country: Australia


unfortunatly you cant get in or carry any food or NUTS from overseas to australia so be aware if you do u will get fined by $200 or more dont carry any wood food or nuts or fruite im telling again so u be safe with no troubles.
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The short answer is no, you cannot bring food into Australia. Australia has very strict laws about bringing food into the country, in particular fruit and vegetable items. If you do bring anything into the country be sure you declare it otherwise large fines apply if your caught.

I would not worry though Australia is very Vegetarian friendly, most restaurants have vegetarian dishes and fresh fruit and vegetables are easily available.

There are many website restaurant guides which you can search for restaurants like this one,

I live in Sydney so if you have any further questions let me know, Enjoy your trip.
Hi Emily,

The others have answered the question for you, but if you want to find out what you are and aren't allowed to bring into Australia, you can check the AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) website for full details.

Their address is

I hope this helps, and I hope you enjoy your trip!

Kind regards,
Matt Halloran

Just be sure to accurately declare any items you may be carrying on you or in your luggage, as this is what will get you a fine, if you accidently do bring something to Australia, and declare it, you will more than likely not be fined. And remember even though your items may be packaged or in containers, cans etc, it will make no difference, as some forms of packaging processes do not kill bugs, diseases, or fertility of seeds etc..
THe Others have above have answered your questioned correctly and they are right we have plenty of very very good vegetarians shops and restaurants in all of our cities in Australia and you could not want for a better choice and or selection than our own home grown vegetable delights
Your question has been answered. Do be very careful what you do bring in, Quarantine will be right onto you and the little Beagle will certainly catch you at baggage pick up. Read the forms very carefuly. Australia does cater very well for Vegetarians etc...Have a great holiday.

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