I am interested in going to Rhine and Mosel area in Germany in September. Is it still full of summer crowds or many wine harvest festivals?

I like things on the quiet side. How about train travel in this area? Is it easy to get around without a car?


Country: Germany


Hi, I guess that depends on the area but I think there are wine harvest festivals every now and then. Often it already gets cold in september and there is rain so the festivals are in the summer.
Travelling by car should be easy, the train can be quite expensive and rare in smaller villages.
Thank you so much. This has been very useful for me.
Hi, you're welcome. Are you from far away? if you have to travel from an airport by train to another city you should book early. () where you can book a ticket for 29€ from any place in germany to your destination.
There are plenty of festivals in September (just as many as in any summer month), getting around without a car is very easy in Germany, trains are your friend. The only problem you'd have is if you're going to the middle of no where late at night, which I doubt you will. Regular trains run from 5am til midnight. Traveling by car is much more expensive and simply a hassle.

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