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Hi, Could you please send me a link to the web site of the bus company operating buses Nazareth - Amman. It's OK if it's in Hebrew, my computer translates sites automatically. May e-mails -, Thank you!! Best regards, Igor


City: Nazareth

District: Hazafon

Country: Israel


There is no such bus service. Only Tel Aviv - Amman.

Your best bet is travel by bus from Nazareth (via Afula) to Beit Shean (or the adjacent King Hussein bridge) and catch the service from there or take a short taxi ride to the bridge (fro Beit Shean) and walk across and take local Jordanian service. Nazareth - Beit Shean - less than an hour.

The Israeli bus company - Egged - they have internet information.
You can book ur travel Nazareth- Amman from Anora Tours (my agency) at:

or any other travel agency in Nazareth.
Have a nice and safe trip.
Here is a link to the Nazarin Company. I don't know if they have a service to Aman. Please call them or contact them.
Wish you a wonderful trip.
Nazarene Tours Amman, Jordan - Nazareth
Nazareth - Amman, Jordan
Depart from Hill Side Hotel Nazareth Central Bus Station
Duration and price 5 hours. 75 shekel 5 hours. 75 shekel
Sunday, Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday
14:00 08:30
More Info 04-6010458 04-6010458

Hope this is the one you wanted as there are several.

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