Traveling to Alsace,interested in siene Boat tour

Hi,My daughter and I are traveling to Paris and we want to take the Siene boat tour. Should we take a dinner cruise or just a boat tour and take care of dinner outside? Which tour should we take? Where do we book?


City: Straszburg

Region: Alsace

Country: France


Are you coming to Paris in March ?
The weather is quite cold.
To travel on the Seine : dinner on the boat, it's expensive and you can have a better price and dinner in town.
There are many river cruises in Paris and the best way to pick one, is to choose one according to their location, compared to your hotel location or what you will be doing next.
I personally do not advise a dinner cruise. However, I prefer night cruises for the light shows. In March, it will be dark at 6pm so you can go then.
Like Renaud said it in his answer, you can choose
* The location is within walking distance from the Champs Elysées.
* . This company has 2 starting points: thw Wiffel tower or Notre Dame. It may be convenient after a visit of these monument. At night, I prefer the Notre Dame area. The Eiffel tower is safe but deserted by tourists at night.
Have a nice trip.
Valerie from
hello there!
well, i see other guys already suggested not to take dinner. that was good advice. in case you take seine tour i think its better to take during day. lights of paris are all around the city, so for city lights you have other nice spots to see it.
i am expert for montmartre, so in case you want some tour there, feel free to contact me ( i live there also).

take care and have a nice time in paris :)

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