Hello- I am an American citizen of Lithuanian decent. Both of my parents parents came to the US from Lithuania. My mother is still..., but does not have a lot of information about her parents. Recently, a friend located a copy of my grandfathers draft registration. He listed on his registration that he was born in " Puaudun, Lithuania" in September of 1882. I Googled the city/town and nothing comes up in the search. I am wondering if this was a small town that no longer goes by this name. I would love to find where this place is on the map of Lithuania. Can anyone help?


Country: Lithuania


If you could send me a scanned copy of your grandfathers draft registration, i could help you more properly. My email is
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I haven't heard such town. probably it doesn't longer go by this name or your read it mistakely.
Till World War I, all towns names was written in Polish, so you need to find old Lithuania map and look again for this town:)
There might be a mistake reading the name of the town. It would be heplfull to see the original document. Some documents were written at that time even in old Russian language. Maybe there is mentioned a name of some bigger town close to it?
Thank you all for being interested! I am wondering if my grandfather might have had someone help him to fill out the registration and they could not understand the letters as he spelled the name of the town or village. It is very clearly written but does not seem to be anything like the names of Polish or Lithuanian names. Also, he would have been only 12 or 13 yrs old when he came to the US and didn't fill out this registrations until he was 59. I guess we still do not know where we come from exactly. I am proud to be a Lithuanian though and hope to visit there one day to meet nice people like you.

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